Sun Sign

It all starts with the Sun. Sun is at the centre of our solar system with all other planets revolving around it. It is the storehouse of energy and the giver of life. In astrology, it refers to our conscious actions and soul, the centre of our being. It is your answer to the question “Who are you”, the exterior self and image that you project to the world around you. Moon is more about instincts while Sun represents the reason. Moon is emotions, feelings and memories, Sun is confidence, ambition and the present. While different planetary energies might make you think, contemplate and hope of different things, what you actually do comes under the realm of Sun.

The force of Sun is very different from Mars too. Sun is the creative life force while Mars is raw energy. If Mars is action, Sun is reaction. With Mars, the response is often thoughtless, but with Sun, you have a lion-like approach. It is essentially king of our birth chart. It is the fuel or energy that we use throughout our life. It is the fire that keeps our soul active and burning. The position of Sun in a sign at the time of birth is crucial. Your Sun sign tells you of your purpose and how you carry yourself in the world and leave your impression. Through your Sun sign, you show your personality characteristics to the world, just like Sun shows itself in all its glory.

How do you exactly locate your Sun sign in a chart? When seen from Earth, Sun seems to be moving around us. The cosmic realm is divided into 12 equal parts called zodiac signs and the sign that Sun is travelling through at the time of your birth is called the Sun sign. Sun sign shows your basic nature and personality, that stays with you unaltered through all the ups and downs of life. Sun is power and the sign it is placed in tells how you feel powerful. For instance, people with Sun in Cancer are family-oriented. Home is where they feel the most influential while Sun in Sagittarius people light up in new and foreign places. On the other hand, Sun in Aquarius person feels liberated by breaking the outdated.

Sun is also your ego, what pushes you to do things. Whether it is finding a partner or looking for a job change, each Sun sign does it differently. That’s essentially what makes us different from each other, along with multitudes of other astrological aspects of course. While knowing your Sun sign is only tip of the iceberg to knowing about “you”, it is certainly the foremost factor, the point from where it all starts. Knowing someone’s Sun sign gives crucial hints into someone’s personality and social behaviour.


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