Sun in Aries

(Moon Sign Based)

Sun in Aries represents the one who projects their inner light, courage, and energy to establish influence but later gets burnt out or exhausted due to over empowerment.

Sun in Aries

The Sun in Aries signifies that your soul is on fire and is actually a very powerful and intense placement in horoscope because a fire planet is placed in a fire sign. This is why the placement is responsible for warmth, temptation, aggression, dominance, and ego. If you have Sun in Aries in any house, you may feel confident with the significations of that house, but the relationship and body parts related to that house can be severely affected.

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Sun gets Exalted in Aries, the sign of Mars and the highest exaltation point where Sun gets exalted in Aries is at 10 degrees in Ashwini, the Nakshatra of Ketu. Aries and Ashwini are the starting points of the zodiac belt in the sky and indicate energy and fresh start. Mars is power, Sun is soul, and Ketu is realization of soul. When these three energies meet, it unleashes high and intense amounts of energy and warmth that can even take the form of destructive, if not channelized properly.

Sun in Aries creates Pitta Pravritti in the body which can lead to acidity, indigestion, dehydration, hypertension, eye problems, frustration, intolerance and excessive sweating. If malefic influence is present, it can lead to health troubles related to heart and bones.

As far as career is concerned, you can do well in the field of politics, government, defense, and medical. In business and trade, you can deal with woolen clothes, wood, timber, natural products, copper, gold, hunting in forest, and anything related to fire and red clothes. The Sun in Aries is a good position in Upchaya Houses, including 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th House, if it is free from affliction.

Sun in Aries effects in all 12 Houses

Sun in Aries in 1st House

This placement makes you aggressive, egoist and restless personality. It is very difficult for people to convince you of something, and you too can hardly listen to a ‘no’ from people. Also, you might always be ready to fight, and you could be tall, slim and have a robust body.

You may have no or less hair on your head and be prone to get eye problems, such as weak eyesight. It may also cause the problem of night blindness, excessive sweating, indigestion, and acidity.

You may do well in the field of politics and defense. Also, it seems that it is difficult for you to work a job due to your ego and uncompromising nature, but you should go for a government job because it is favorable for you. Also, your married life may have some issues. Sun in Aries in the 1st House can bless you with a baby boy.

Sun in Aries in 2nd House

This placement makes you restless and dominating. Also, you might be fond of gold and jewelry with a high possibility that you have worn gold or copper somewhere on the body. You may belong to a rich family, most probably the family of warriors, wrestlers, surgeons, doctors, or politicians.

However, you may face issues with eyesight, especially the right eye and can have mouth ulcers as well. Your speech may be violent and rude, and you may have bad relations with your father.

Also, you can work well in the family business and dealing of gold, ornaments, and red clothes will be favorable for you. You may become a doctor, especially an Ayurvedic doctor. You may also deal in medicines, especially in herbs and ayurvedic medicines.

Sun in Aries in 3rd House

This position makes you courageous and confident and you have the willpower and enthusiasm to do anything in life. You might be good at sports. Also, you might have bad relations with your siblings and face physical or emotional detachment from your elder brother. Sun in Aries in 3rd House is not good for elder brother’s health.

Also, your spouse might be egoist and dominating and there is a high possibility that your neighbor, colleague, or childhood friend can become your spouse. Your father-in-law would be a reputed person and you will receive good gains through him.

It is likely that you will do well in the field of sports, especially the games where physical abilities are required. However, you may face issues related to acidity and dehydration, hence you should drink plenty of water.

Sun in Aries in 4th House

This position grants you with a high sense of self-respect. You could also have an elder sibling who is like a father figure. It makes you responsible and dutiful towards your family, and you have some principles and dharma which you never compromise.

Also, your mother could be aggressive and strict in nature, but she will be reputed or might be engaged in a government job. In your career, you can do well in the field of politics and can also obtain a very high post or authority in your career. You will also enjoy inherited property.

However, you may face conflicts with your mother and face issues like chest congestion and issues in upper portion of heart, for example, issues related to pulse rate or rapid heartbeat. You are required to take care of yourself and your mother as she too could have some illness.

Sun in Aries in 5th House

This position makes you religious, lucky, and intelligent with favors from the government, government officials, or authorities. You will also enjoy good returns by investing in government bonds and stocks.

However, you may have bad relations with your kids and there may be a delay in having kids. You may face problems related to upper abdomen, stomachache, heart, and cholesterol. On a brighter side, you will get the good teachers and advisors in your life. Also, chanting Sun Mantras will help you a lot.

You may become a good teacher, professor, and astrologer, and make your career in botany or as an environmentalist. You will become a reputable person in society and health might be affected.

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Sun in Aries in 6th House

This position makes you combative and have a good fighting spirit. You are a born healer and can even defeat your enemy in any competition or war. You have the ability to take risks and you will be rewarded for the same.

This is a good position of Sun in Aries and brings success through government and its service. You should apply for administrative jobs, jobs in defense ministry or you may become a successful Doctor, especially if Sun is in Ashwini Nakshatra. Sun in Aries in Bharani Nakshatra in 6th House can make you a Gynecologist as well.

However, you may face issues like acidity, stomachache, kidney stone or irregular metabolism. Hence, you should drink plenty of water and should take a proper diet.

Sun in Aries in 7th House

This placement makes you short-tempered and rude, making you face difficulty in maintaining relations with people. However, good relations will be formed after your marriage, but you should try to control your anger and eliminate any ego.

Marriage may have conflicts and ego clashes. If you are a female, your spouse will have a masculine figure like an athlete, and he will be handsome. If you are male, your spouse will be commanding in nature. Also, your horoscopes should be matched properly, otherwise multiple marriages are possible.

You may face issues related to kidney, heart, dehydration, and hypertension; hence you need to take care of yourself. If Mars involvement is present, it can create kidney stone. Furthermore, your career is good, and you should try working with the government.

Sun in Aries in 8th House

This position makes you mysterious and hide a lot of secrets. Also, your immunity is low, and you may have multiple health issues. Finances too might fluctuate. This placement creates an interest in spirituality and occult related fields.

This is a good position for becoming a surgeon, especially if sun is placed in Bharani Nakshatra. Also, you can do well in the field of spirituality and if you start living in foreign, wealth will increase.

Furthermore, you need to take care of your heart and cholesterol levels since you may have genetic heart issues in your family. Also, your eyesight might be affected, and you may complain about dry eyes. Hence, a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle is quite important for you.

Sun in Aries in 9th House

This placement makes you royal, lucky, religious and a responsible personality. You have a good sense of justice, and you follow discipline in life. Also, you love to read Vedas and might be inclined towards Lord Shiv.

You might be a reputed person in society and be fond of travelling, especially to temples and pilgrimages. In addition, you may have bad relations or ideological clashes with your father. If affliction is severe, you can face physical or emotional detachment from your father.

Also, you may face issues related to bones and you may have pain in your legs or burning sensation in mouth. Your personality will be sharp, and commanding and you can do well in the field of defense, law and education.

Sun in Aries in 10th House

This position makes you powerful, fearless, and energetic with an attractive aura. You can win any competition and you are fond of power and authority, instigating a sense of pride and bravery.

This is the best placement for serving in military and army on a high post, especially if Sun is placed in the Krittika Nakshatra. You may also become a politician or even the President and Minister if benefic influence is present.

However, you should take care of your bones, especially bones of legs and feet. Your immunity is strong, but you are quite emotional and possessive of your attachments and things.

Sun in Aries in 11th House

This position makes you intelligent, powerful, and good at establishing contacts and networks. You have the ability to do hard work and move from rags to riches, making you reputed and powerful in your circle.

Your father too could be a reputable person in society. In adulthood, you can move towards spirituality, and this is a good position to work with ministers, politicians, and army officers. Also, you might become the founder, CEO, or board of director in any firm.

However, you need to take care of your health as issues related to heart and blood pressure are possible. Also, you may have weak bones, especially joint pains and face skin problems.

Sun in Aries in 12th House

This position may bring bad health and weak immunity, and prompt disrespect in the workplace. You may also face punishment from the government and legal matters.

Also, you will live far away from your birthplace. Your mother might be a reputable personality but may have a few health issues. You might be lactose intolerant as well, especially if Mars is affecting the Sun or 4th House.

This position can create problems through the bosses and superiors from the workplace. Communication barriers and otherwise misconceptions can create problems at workplace. However, this placement is good if you want to explore spirituality and nature.


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