Sun in Aquarius

Aquarius is a fixed airy sign ruled by Saturn, which as earlier stated is inimical towards Sun. The energy of the airy Aquarius fans the flames of the fiery Sun, thus the position of Sun in Aquarius makes the native short-tempered. Such a person is a typical miser and is quite frugal with their spending. These people struggle to maintain a decent personal hygiene. Their ideas are quite eccentric and advanced. But despite this streak of eccentricity, these people are well liked by everyone.

They are emotional people, who put their own needs on the backburner to help others. They focus on the societal than the individual. Such natives are strong team players indeed, with good leadership qualities. These humanitarian souls become great leaders if given a chance to. They have a strong understanding of how human nature works. They are quite honest and outspoken too. Such people attach a lot of value to friendship. Despite being so humble and compassionate, they tend to keep themselves away from emotional involvement and attachment. Their approach is impersonal and they never show their emotions and feelings openly.

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