Sun in Aquarius

(Moon Sign Based)

Sun in Aquarius is a sign of reconnecting with the world. Despite of you willing to reconnect or not, you will be shown the path towards socializing. You will mingle with people and will be keen to spread the knowledge acquired.

Sun in Aquarius

The water bearer sign will make you aware of the humanity as a whole. You will be the first one to offer help to anyone in need, and you will do it without expecting anything back. You give a lot of freedom to your partners, and you are an extremely confident and optimistic person.

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You will have a knowledgeable and learned partner. You will have a cordial relationship, and your spouse will be passionate with a loving nature. You might feel alienated in the society with a different viewpoint from others.

The Sun is the lord of Leo sign and Aquarius is opposite to Leo which might take the quality of Leo and amplify that of Aquarius. With Sun in the sign ruled by Saturn, it makes the Sun uncomfortable to give any positive result. However, there are always other aspects beyond one placement in astrology to make predictions.

Sun in Aquarius Effects in all the 12 Houses:

Sun in Aquarius in 1st House

There will be family hindrances and social interference will aggravate chaos and misconceptions in your relationship. You may face a lack of clarity regarding family responsibilities and financial planning between you and your partner. You will feel positivity in yourself and will make a successful career.

Subconsciously, you will have the fear of losing some good opportunities, which will force you to come out of your comfort zone. The influence of Sun will not bring easy money from the share market, but you can overcome this through your research work.

Sun in Aquarius in 2nd House

Your companion will also support your thoughts and will be ready to take responsibility towards committed relationships. Eventually you will recognize the fog of confusion which will dissipate and the true nature of love life which will be revealed. You will be actively working on your plan and strategy resulting in expected growth and increment.

You will focus on heartfelt experiences rather than obsessing over romantic and sexual desires. This position will demand a balanced approach in terms of investments and savings so that you will not face any major financial issues because of being impatient and taking indecisive decisions.

Sun in Aquarius in 3rd House

Try adopting a more grounding and less demanding approach towards your emotions. Start connecting with self to help you feel one with your loved ones as well. The planet’s position will make you have a microscopic view in your relationship making you dwell on your partner’s flaws. You can change your perception by prioritizing positive traits.

You will have all kinds of support from your family and friends to enhance your business and expand it at various levels. You will also get support from various financial institution which will help you to inculcate new ideas and can improve productivity.

Sun in Aquarius in 4th House

This position will be profitable for you, bringing financial gains and success for your business. You will develop new systems in your office which will give you growth and financial gains. Your sharp intelligence will help you grab the coming opportunity.

Professional advisors might help you to make appropriate decisions. This position might test your money management skills by giving some unforeseen problems that could test your talents and endurance.

Sun in Aquarius in 5th House

You will succeed to achieve your ambition and goal by proper planning and analysing with the help of your financial team. You will lead the team harmoniously and start a new step which will bring more gains. It will boost your leadership quality which will help you in managing your business effectively.

You will meet influential businessmen and enhance your business through their references. This position demands space and commitment to your words, which will only be maintained with honesty and frequent communication to escape from misconceptions.


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Sun in Aquarius in 6th House

Sun can also bring challenging situations because of a sudden workload and anxiety to finish the work on time. You will have an influential circle which will help you in your professional growth. The placement is good for introspection so that you will not get stuck in challenges.

You will solve your problem and investigate the root cause while learning how to succeed in your career. Both long- and short-term investments will give you profitable returns. You will analyze the market situation and will advise on financial investments.

Sun in Aquarius in 7th House

This placement will foster eagerness and change in behavior for committed relationships. You deserve a relaxing exhale, as you have been able to manage the confusing state of mind to find a perfect match for yourself. You should not have high expectations from your partner. You may feel proud and have egoistic behavior.

You will get financial support from your partner and others which will give you many innovative ideas to develop your business and financial prospects. Things might get sorted by holding clear communication and by appreciating each other rather than finding mistakes. You will cross the path amicably by getting support from your partner.

Sun in Aquarius in 8th House

You will have ups and downs in your business. You will be in touch with influential people which will enhance your business to earn more profits. You will take a major step at your workplace and the expected result of the effort will be seen. There will be a demand for emotional intelligence and the ability to control aggressive investments or changes in your plan related to your professional front.

Sun might boost up your ego which can trigger anger issues in you. But you will find your own way to control the circumstances to express your love. You must choose the perfect timing to communicate with your partner which will bring more spice to your love life.

Sun in Aquarius in 9th House

Many opportunities and new ideas will be inculcated in your business which will attract more clients and you will achieve financial growth. The placement will activate and help you to learn the skills which can change your professional life and it will also give you the courage to overcome the obstacles related to competitive work.

But this placement can also make you aggressive during discussions and arguments. Despite it, you will be filled with positive thoughts and will have many creative and innovative romantic ideas to share memorable moments together.

Sun in Aquarius in 10th House

Placement of Sun will demand strength to bear professional rivalry and sudden changes in workplace. This placement demands a learning approach. But it also demands an attentive approach without any blind faith and direct healthy conversation rather than giving any reaction.

You must take the lead of your life and inspire others, through your growth and confidence. This is the position when you must cherish even small moments and turn them into beautiful memories.

Sun in Aquarius in 11th House

You will feel detached from work and will not earn profits through speculations as indicated by the placement of Sun. It will give you many innovative ideas to work on in your career but being influential will also produce anxiety and stress.

You might be overburdened with work, and you must take a leap of faith, and wholeheartedly embrace the flow of work. Things might get delayed and aggravate your temper, which will spoil your relationship. The atmosphere of the house may get disturbed and there will be distress from your family members.

Sun in Aquarius in 12th House

With this position, you may endure unexpected expenses. You must be frugal, else things will go out of your hand. Your aggressiveness will affect the investments which might also cause losses. It is advisable to take advice from financial professionals for investments.

Sun’s energy can be intense, and the magnitude of planets can force you to make some important decisions, but you must pause rather than jumping to a conclusion. There can be aggressiveness in behavior and ego clashes, creating sudden arguments with colleagues and seniors in your workplace.


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