Sun in Cancer

(Moon Sign Based)

Sun in Cancer individuals are nurturing and protective of others. Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon and makes one moody with constantly changing emotions. Cancerians are also security-conscious and highly value home life. They may appear passive and tend to rely on their feelings to make decisions. 

Sun in Cancer

Sun in Cancer may be involved with the past in some way because the sign of Cancer, the sign of nurturing, protecting, and sustaining, is strongly tied to the past, and the principle of Karma. You tend to have experiences and hold onto them, which might reflect on present life.

Sun in Cancer will affect your emotions and feelings. You will pour your heart into caring for plants and pets just as much as you do with your loved ones. You will be good-looking and will have a dynamic personality.

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Sun in Cancer may not have a steady mind to take decisions. You will be virtuous and will follow the rules and regulations. You will be honorable and will have royal qualities. You may not have a harmonious relationship with your spouse and with your paternal family members. You may suffer from phlegm and bile related issues.

Sun in Cancer will be influenced by the moods and feelings of those around you as you connect with them emotionally. You may have trouble in increasing your mental strength. You have a high imagination and will be extremely innovative and creative.

You have a strong memory and will never forget and forgive if anyone hurts you. You hold on to trauma and never let go of these emotions. You have a habit of holding on to pent up emotions. You will make long-lasting friends and will not have superficial relationships.

Sun in Cancer: Effects in all the 12 Houses

Sun in Cancer in 1st House

You will ensure that a regular source of income is in place, and the placement of Sun will bring favor of luck to get stability in terms of money and finances. However, it can make you face relationship challenges because of wrong financial decisions.

It is advised not to ignore the suggestions of your partner and elders so that you will make the right financial decisions. You might face delays getting the expected return from friends or family members, but this influence of planets demands patience. An attentive and practical approach will help you to achieve stability in terms of finance and money.

Sun in Cancer in 2nd House

In finance, this planetary position will ensure that you and your partner will support and understand each other. There might be disharmony in relationships and misunderstanding with the paternal side of family members. You will take the initiative to give support and nourishment in your relationship.

It might force you to face challenges and there might be sudden changes in the plan. It is advised to work on small projects rather than jumping over to conclusions. Try to look at things on a positive note and avoid a lazy approach and having blind faith. Your activeness and research ability will help you to get clarity to make the right decision at the right time.

Sun in Cancer in 3rd House

You will earn important business clients and will have financial profits. You would save money by taking precautionary measures for your financial situation. The position of Sun might trigger anger in you. You must widen your network to bring more money into your business.

Your partner might demand more time and attention which can create friction between both of you. You must minimize your negative notions and critical thoughts, be it personal or professional, as it will affect your inner peace. You have impressive communication and writing skills which will take you towards success. You may have problems and distress with siblings.

Sun in Cancer in 4th House

You would grab the opportunity to make money with your resources. You can invest in properties and fixed assets which will give you financial profits. You would love to travel with your romantic interest. There will be profits from your investments in share markets.

However, this placement might cause financial instability which will make you learn new avenues to invest your money to get good returns. This placement will bring changes to your personal life. There might be disharmony and misunderstanding with your family members and loved ones. This placement will give you numerous creative ideas for travelling and you will cherish the moment by increasing the intimacy with your romantic interest.

Sun in Cancer in 5th House

You will feel satisfied in your professional life. You may have struggles with progeny and child birth. You must be courageous and determined towards your goal. Your social status will improve during this period. Through your hard work and perseverance, you will expand your business, and you will achieve financial freedom by taking important financial decisions.

Enjoy your achievements with your family members and seek blessings from elders. You will have a good time with your spouse and your loved ones and make beautiful memories. You will earn financial profits through share market investments. Your past investments will bring profits and you might be inclined to reinvest in the same and earn profits.


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Sun in Cancer in 6th House

Sun in Cancer will give you the power to handle any situation in a positive way. Sun’s position will boost your energy and help you get any business deal to your highest good and you will have a network of influential people.

You will have influential contacts and will receive government favors. You may face a lot of stress in your professional life which can cause health issues. It will be difficult for you to maintain a balance between professional and personal life. There are chances to have a rift with your spouse, and at times it is better to leave things and move on.

Sun in Cancer in 7th House

You will not be able to express your feelings in an appropriate way, which might make you feel discontent in your relationships. It is advised to trust your spouse and family members as they will guide you towards the right path. You might have problems in communicating your viewpoints in an appropriate way. It is a beneficial placement for any financial investments.

You will inculcate new hobbies and learnings, which will help you relax. You may be clouded with negative thoughts and emotions which will sabotage your professional growth. You will not be able to take decisions confidently, as you will be overwhelmed with your professional work.

Sun in Cancer in 8th House

This placement will bring lots of professional changes and ample time to think about your growth. You may be inclined towards research work and will delve into deep study in occult subjects. You might foresee changes in your profession which will prove to be beneficial and give you a name and fame in your career.

You must take care of your health, especially hormonal and endocrine system related problem. This planetary placement will allow you to make confrontations or express your feelings in an appropriate way to your spouse, which will improve your relationship. It will deepen your intimacy and togetherness.

Sun in Cancer in 9th House

This placement will allow you to gather higher knowledge and will create inclination towards spirituality. Financially, it is a great placement, but do not involve yourself in any investments as it will block the money. You will be highly qualified and will be extremely clever.

You will find your own way to control the negative impact of Mars and will find opportunities to express your love. You must choose the perfect timing to communicate with your partner which will bring more spice to your love life. Try not to give an instant reaction and tackle the situation through clear communication.

Sun in Cancer in 10th House

You will get new innovative ideas to widen your financial growth but there will be a lack in implementing these ideas to fulfill the goals. You may face problems in coordination between your teammates which will affect the result. Your way of working and presentation will be impressive.

Your spouse might create confusion and might not support you in your decisions, which can trigger stress. Your opponents might challenge you in various ways, but you will win over all the obstacles. You may not be able to do work professionally as you will always work with an emotional attitude which can make you dissatisfied in your profession.

Sun in Cancer in 11th House

This placement will make you work hard to widen your networking skills. Your desires will become powerful and will try to conquer you by creating challenges. You must heal the past issues and confront your loved ones. You will plan to travel with your family and loved ones.

Have control of your rage and avoid abusive words which may lead to unnecessary controversy. This placement will give you time to analyze and explore more about your partner. You will organize more social gatherings, meet friends, relish good memories, which will eventually clear the hurt and pain.

Sun in Cancer in 12th House

The position of Sun will give you innovative ideas for foreign investments. It is advised to also seek guidance from professionals, else you might face financial loss. However, your impulsive habit of spending on expensive items and poor money management should be restricted.

Your aggression to make money will help you fulfil your desires. There might be aggression and disharmony with your spouse and other family members, it is advised not to be over ambitious and avoid grand expectations from your spouse. You must maintain peace and calm with yourself.


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