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Sun in Leo

Sun is in its own sign when placed in Leo. It is a fiery masculine energy and Leo is also a fixed fire sign. When this placement exists in a horoscope, the native is likely to be of a kinglike stature. Such a person tends to be a courageous being, a destroyer of the enemies. Native always wins the competition. Sun in Leo also gives strong aggressive instincts and at times, such natives can also become selfish and egoistic. People with this position of Sun have strong leadership qualities. Their appearance is also bright and strong, with a regal air to it. Their personality is valorous, like knight in the shining armor. They are fond of spending time outdoors, especially wandering in the forests, hills and castles.

These natives indulge in noble acts and are revolutionary in nature. They always stand by the ideas and beliefs that they support. They tend to earn a lot of wealth and fame in life. They especially do very well in areas related to government or administration. They have a strong and resolute thinking with a strong sense of right and wrong. Sun in Leo also gives an inclination towards non-vegetarian food. These natives have the ability to talk endlessly. In fact, they can keep a group of people hooked to their conversation for quite a long while.

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