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Sun in Gemini

Gemini is an air sign with dual personality and its lord is Mercury, which is a neutral planet of earthy element. Mercury considers Sun as a friend, which is neutral towards Mercury so placement of Sun in Gemini brings positive results for the native. Intellect is the strong suit of people born with such planetary placement. They tend to be intelligent and wise, always up for a good debate. Their ideas are often backed by logic. They become great scholars and tend to be expert in many fields. They have a very calculative mind too thus do well in fields such as accounts and finance.

Sun in Gemini also gives strong communication and the power to persuade people. Natives with this placement have liberal attitude so people often trust their judgment. But they do not misuse others. Such people tend to be modest, honest and sincere. The best professions for people with Sun in Gemini are teaching and astrology. Quite often, these natives earn a lot of fame in such fields. Fortune also seems to be favoring these individuals. But when it comes to appearance, they do average on the beauty scale, their character however is nonetheless magnetic.

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