Sun in Taurus

(Moon Sign Based)

Sun in Taurus represents the one who chases each and every source of beauty and appreciation to establish dignity but lose health and power of self.

Sun in Taurus

You will get good growth in forestry, agricultural, herbal medicine, poultry farming, and related fields. When the Sun, representing light and nature, aligns with Taurus, symbolizes agriculture and farmlands, it encourages pursuits related to nature and the environment. There are advantages and disadvantages of the placement of Sun in Taurus. Sun in Taurus signifies natural beauty and the serene charm of nature and green landscapes.

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You may experience a decline in energy, weak immunity and overall poor health. The soul's essence is spirituality rather than material pursuits, which are more aligned with the body and when the soul is entangled in materialism, you may suffer health issues. This situation can also signify a trapped or stifled life force. In cases where the influence of nodes is significant, such as Rahu and Ketu, this placement may exacerbate tendencies towards addictions, particularly those involving oral consumption like smoking, alcohol, drugs, excessive eating, or engaging excessively in sensual pleasures.

As far as career is concerned, if you have Sun in Taurus, you can do well in the field of agriculture, healing, medicine, and education. This is the placement that has an association with both illness and healing which depends upon how well the placement is aligned in the Horoscope. Let’s say, if aspected by Jupiter or Venus, will give healing; if influenced by malefics like Saturn and Mars, will give illness.

Face is all about how you look, and eyes are all about what you look, both the parts get afflicted When Sun is in Taurus and gets afflicted. The affliction can cause inferiority complex. If well placed, it enhances beauty and personality. Speech related issues can also be seen through this placement.

Sun in Taurus effects in all 12 Houses

Sun in Taurus in 1st House

You are materialistic, resourceful, beautiful and enjoy good assets. You may look like your mother. You could have an egoistic and short-tempered nature.

You have a good relationship with your mother. You could be a comfort seeker. There might be a possibility that you could have a white colored car. You are rigid, and it could be difficult to convince you for something.

You can have issues like hair fall and weak eyesight. Married life could have some ego clashes with spouse, but overall, it is good. Assets and finances will rise after marriage.


Sun in Taurus in 2nd House

You are rich and wealthy. You love nature, gardening or agriculture. You have beautiful eyes, but your eyesight can be weak. You are fond of jewelry and clothes. Your speech can be violent or commanding, but there will be attraction in your voice while you talk.

Your health and immunity can be weak. You may suffer from fever frequently, and you can be sensitive to climatic changes. Your forehead can be broad. You need to take care of your digestion and heart.

Progeny issues can be experienced. Favors from the government can be seen and you would have good wealth. You can be fickle minded in love affairs, and you lack concentration in your studies.

Sun in Taurus in 3rd House

You are bold and courageous. You are hardworking and patient. You never give up easily and you have good immunity. If there is any health issue, it will be resolved through time.

You could have bad relations with siblings, especially with an elder sibling. You could have disputes, especially related to property. Legal issues are also possible. Issues related to thyroid or problems in the upper part of esophagus can be experienced.

You can be good at sports and writing. You can earn well through media and journalism. If you are writing a book, you should write it in your own native or local language.

Sun in Taurus in 4th House

You have high self-respect, and you are fond of materialistic comforts. Money is a strong parameter for you to judge the class and dignity of an individual. You have good dressing and fashion sense. You have royal and expensive assets in your home.

You are close to your mother. Your mother too could be fond of materialistic life. Your spouse will be reputable and rich. Your marriage will be of your mother’s choice. Finances and assets will rise after marriage.

You can do well in the field of botany, agriculture, medicines, and poultry. Earning from land is beneficial for you. If you are doing business, having a partnership with your mother will be fruitful.

Sun in Taurus in 5th House

Initially, you would be a bright student, but at a later age, you may be confused about your career. You can face obstacles in your studies.

There will be challenges in your love life as well. You may go through a heartbreak, especially if Venus is weakly placed. Progeny related issues can be faced. If you are male, you can face the problem related to infertility and progeny may come through unconventional methods, for example, IVF. If you are female, you can face problem during the time of pregnancy.

You can do something well for nature and the environment. You can be successful through artistic talent, especially any talent which has deep roots in classics and folk. Hurdles will come, but you will be able to conquer them.


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Sun in Taurus in 6th House

You are wise, confident, educated, and powerful. You are never afraid of your enemies, but you can be sensitive to your illness. There might be a possibility that you would not be afraid of your biggest enemy, but you will be afraid of even minor illness.

You have the ability to expand your wealth by taking a loan. Your father too could be a civil servant. He could have a lot of lands through which he can earn a rental income. You could have clashes and conflicts with your father.

You can become a good lawyer, banker, physical fitness coach, gym trainer or a doctor. You can do family business as well which could be related to wheat or woolen clothes.

Sun in Taurus in 7th House

You are ambitious, goal-oriented and determined. You will achieve a reputable post in your career, and there is a high possibility that you will work far away from your birthplace. You will be surrounded by wise and reputed people.

Married life could have some ego clashes. Health of your spouse can also be affected. There might be a possibility that you would meet your spouse at workplace or any educational institution. Charts should be properly matched before entering a marriage relationship.

You can do well in the field of administration, family business, technology, and medical field. You can apply for government job as well. Your career will be good, but you need to take care of your social image.

Sun in Taurus in 8th House

You are mysterious, analytical, spiritual, and smart. You could have loneliness in life either by will or by force. You could have an interest in astrology, IT, mathematics, or zoology.

You can enjoy inherited gains, especially from paternal property. You could have bad relations with your in-laws. You can face cheat, scam or fraud through your seniors or friends. You can face objections and rejections from the government as well.

You can face issues related to your eyes, especially right eye. Burning sensation in eyes or dry eyes can also be there. There might be a possibility that you could have a burnt mark on your face or forehead. Immunity can be low. You need to drink plenty of water.

Sun in Taurus in 9th House

You are fond of travelling and inclined towards foreign culture and their ideology. You should live abroad or at least far away from your birthplace because your luck will rise.

You could have bad relations with your father, most probably ideological clashes. You hide your emotions and hardly express yourself. Immunity can be low, and you could face issues related to digestion.

You can be a successful diplomat, professor, or a judge, especially if Jupiter is well placed in the chart. You have the ability to talk and guide on any topic.

Sun in Taurus in 10th House

You are ambitious and self-obsessed. You can be over-confident as well. You will enjoy good wealth and success in your career, especially through administration or politics.

You will gain reputation and growth in your career, but through a delay. You need to be cautious at workplace otherwise you can be defamed by a woman. You need to be consistent and hardworking in your career, and then you can enjoy fame, money and success.

You would have many people and friends around you, but there would be hardly two or three people who would be emotionally attached to you. You will be respected due to your wealth and work.

Sun in Taurus in 11th House

You are rich and wealthy. Family status and wealth is good. You have royal tastes and principles. You look good and have support of people, but issues from elder siblings can be experienced. You are emotionally attached towards your gains and achievements.

You can be emotionally weak, and your immunity can be low, if Mars is weak in the Horoscope. Relations with kids will be neutral. You can be a strict parent. At one point of time, you will get inclined towards spirituality. You will enjoy favors from the government and royal people.

You can face issues related to heart and weakening of bones. You need to take care of yourself as digestion related problems may also come. You will enjoy financial gains through business, ministries and authorities. Gains after marriage is also possible.

Sun in Taurus in 12th House

You have weak health and immunity. You can be fickle-minded and could be indulged into unproductive tasks. You can be distracted easily.

You may have bad relations with your siblings. You can be a single child too, if Saturn’s influence is also present on the 3rd House. You might feel disrespected and defamed at the workplace.

You may experience pain in abdominal region and the causes can be diagnosed. You may face indigestion related issues. You could have weak bones as well.


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