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Sun in Virgo

Virgo is an earth sign with dual quality. Mercury is the lord of Virgo and it is friendly towards Sun, which on the other hand is neutral towards Mercury. The relationship between these two planets can be considered friendly overall. Those having this placement of Sun in their horoscope are quite intellectual and learned. Sun in Virgo gives the native strong communication ability and a calculative mind. Expertise in writing is also possible with this placement. In fact, natives having Sun in Virgo can also adopt writing as their career. Other than writing, teaching and astronomy are also suitable for these natives. They can do very well in debates too. Such people have a strong hold on Vedic knowledge so astrology is also a suitable field. Moreover, these natives are skilled in mathematics so any field involving calculations would also benefit these natives a lot.

This placement of Sun also gives the native the skills needed to repair vehicles. These people are also inclined towards creative and artistic fields such as musical instruments, singing, and so on. Sun in Virgo gives the native a polite manner and speech too. They tend to be logical and kind at the same time. They have religious faith and believe in the service of God and elders. Overall, this is a positive placement for Sun.

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