Venus Sign

Everyone knows their Sun sign. It has sort of become a synonym for your personality traits. The moment you tell your Sun Sign, the listener forms a picture of you in mind like stubborn, emotional, aggressive, overconfident, easygoing etc. While Sun Sign is a good starting point towards assessing someone’s personality in astrological terms, there are other planets too that reflect important aspects of your personality. Human character is nothing less than a puzzle and Sun Sign is just a piece of it. What and who you are is also defined by the placement of other planets such as Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus.

Venus particularly draws attention because it is linked with two of the most important aspects that govern our happiness, love and creative expression. Venus governs how you feel pleasant, what’s your approach towards relationships, your inherent desires and expectations in love, and how you behave with your partner or in front your love interest. It also governs to some extent the kind of person you get attracted to. Venus sign however does not reflect your ideal partner; it just gives an insight into your love preferences and inclinations that could be opposite to what is usually best for you. Venus Sign is also called the Love Sign as a result.

Venus essentially relates to romance, love, manners, politeness, sensuality, culture, affection, luxury, refinement, wealth, beauty, aesthetic appeal and artistic instincts. The elements of your Venus Sign come into effect once you start thinking about love and relationships or fall for someone. The sign where Venus is placed at the time of birth is called Venus Sign. The sign where natal Venus is placed heavily influences how you start and sustain a relationship. Someone with Venus in Libra is likely to depend a lot on their partnership, but may not always accept it. On the other hand, someone with Venus in Aries would be quite reckless in initiating relationships but may get bored too quick.

What you want from a relationship also falls in the realm of your Venus Sign. if you are confused as to what you want, look for your Venus sign. If you have Venus in Leo, may be you want to lead your relationships and want attention. If you have Venus in Taurus, you might want for stability and loyalty in your partnership. Someone with Venus in Scorpio would rather look for passion, intensity and downright loyalty compared to someone with Venus in Cancer who would want emotional security the most, someone to them feel loved and secure. Venus in Sagittarius tend to look for an easygoing kind of relationship, more like friends.

Your Venus Sign also dictates how you act in a relationship. Venus in Scorpio is likely to be possessive and demanding in love, especially in the intimacy department. On the other hand, people with Venus in Cancer love in a more subtle way and act more like a parent than a love partner, all nurturing and compassionate. Those with Venus in Aquarius look detached and emotionally unavailable to their partner while those with Venus in Gemini are very involved and romantic. Natives with Venus in Leo may try to dominate their partner while with Venus in Libra would often be the first to compromise.

Another way that Venus influences your love preferences is your choice of a partner. Someone with Venus in Cancer would want a reliable and dependable partner, who can take the lead role in the relationships but on the other hand, someone with Venus in Leo would look for someone submissive, who can let them take the spotlight. Those with Venus in Scorpio would want someone who is just too passionate and intense about being together while someone with Venus in Sagittarius would want a partner who gives them freedom and space. On a different note, Venus in Virgo are quite practical and perfectionist in love while Venus in Pisces often believe in a fairy-tale romance.

Venus is not just the goddess of love, she is also the muse of creative expression. Knowing your Venus Sign allows you to explore your creative instincts, what gets your creative juices flowing and what’s your innate style towards artistic expression. Venus in Aries folks trust their instincts, find inspiration out of sudden, and start creating. They like to challenge themselves. Venus in Taurus have a strong penchant for beauty. Your five senses guide you into creating art. Sensually rich experiences like music composition or fine arts are often your forte. Venus in Leo however are more into performing arts, they like to take the center stage. A Venus in Leo would prefer to be an actor while Venus in Virgo would love to work as a director, someone working behind the scenes carefully looking at the little details. Venus in Gemini can certainly excel in writing and become great storytellers while Venus in Libra are more into spreading smiles, probably stand-up comedy could work best for them.

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