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Moon Sign based

During January 2020 Saturn would move out of Sagittarius into Capricorn, a sign owned by Saturn which could bring with it the strength to change the world order with hard work and people friendly policies. According to 2020 horoscope analyses, the movement of Saturn is unique as after Capricorn, the next sign Saturn would occupy in 2022 & beyond is Aquarius, again a Saturn sign. This 5 year transit would have the strength to take the entire world back on the path of honest values and right democracy.

2020 and the upcoming decade would also see some interesting events:

  • The high stress & sometimes bewildering events of 2018-19 will be replaced by stable trends that would require hard work & dedication, divulges the 2020 horoscope.
  • A lot of world attention would be on India due to political changes & a new policy largely driven by the vocal stand that the Indian population would take. A per the 2020 horoscope, economy & financial markets could take a very severe hit during the last quarter of 2020 for India. However, as a positive, the coming decade would see a golden period for India, especially, between 2023-27.
  • The horoscope analyses for the year 2020 also shows that USA elections could throw up a very different result in comparison to the widely expected view. US economy would see recession followed by revival and a boom during the coming decade.
  • Brexit would bring in early glory to the new government but the UK economy could be badly hit by the end of the year. Recovery would be seen in 2023.
  • China could see a spurt in growth only to see the good results peter out. China would find its path again in 2023.
  • Privacy breaches, violation of citizen rights & rise in crime would be felt all over the world after September 2020 and hit a low in 2027, reveals the 2020 horoscope analyses.

The Vedic Horoscopes at Indastro are devised on the basis of your Moon Sign, which can be calculate by knowing the placement of Moon at the time of your birth. Please click on your Moon sign below to read your 2020 Horoscope. If you are unaware of your Moon sign, click here to find out instantly!


Aries Horoscope 2018

Personally for you 2020 could reap a bonanza as many planets are in your favor. You are likely to enter into a powerful phase, when it comes to work as well as making a position & public standing for yourself. Marriage & Love would be immensely gratifying but not before these matters have given you some skipped heartbeats and sleepless nights. Luck would be in a all time high this year and travels & opportunities would be more than your normal share. Money matters & investments could see a very tricky year, so that is an areas of deep concern.

The 2020-29 decade on the other hand will see hard work, dedication followed by gains, growth which would then be followed by complacency & missed opportunities leading to slip in position and growth. By the end of the decade you would regain your balance and find your focus and work hard to move back up the life’s cycle again.



Aries Horoscope 2018

In 2020, you need to act responsibly towards your own self. key planets warrant you to exercise restraint on negative thinking, move cautiously but make efforts, which will give you gains, even monetary as the year comes to an end. Hard work & continuously striving to succeed would be the key. A Sense of self motivation and not falling prey to your own counter-thoughts will be very much needed. Health consciousness should come to the fore.Stay clear of thinking otherwise in your love matters, over thinking to be avoided, else churning in relationships a possibility. This year, you would gain happiness, success – in physical relationships as well as growth in career after some delays. On a positive side, it means & indicates a surety of it! Travel & religious themes could turn important for you. Positive utterances would help you sail through with ease.

The 2020-29 decade on the other hand,will see gains & growth after hard work and dedication. Rise in stature at work, wealth & helping hand from your peers and social network seems to be on the cards with immense gains, giving life the much needed boost. 



Aries Horoscope 2018

2020 would be the year of consistency at work along with some hassles, which would bring in gains eventually. You would find respect & some rise in stature. The funds would be enough to meet your needs, though you may feel your earning not in line with your efforts. The circulation of liquid money could feel the pinch, though in terms of assets you may add to them in 2020. Your Business prospects seem to be doing just about good after a rather dull period which you would leave behind. Still factor in any unnecessary delays due to issues with power circle or authorities. Strength to organize your thoughts, implementing the ideas at work will help you meet your purpose. Arrogance and tall-thinking would turn out to be your worst enemies. You could seek sexual pleasures breaking the regimented boundaries and may not mind hob-knobbing with people not of your stature. Rise in responsibility, projects will come your way, the monetary gains will come by as a bi product, may not be immediate though.

Life in the 2020-29 decade should become increasing better for you - both in terms of stress level and a clear subconscious as well as your business prospects and monetary gains.Leaving much to chance, though would not work, you will have to make your way up the success ladder with efforts.



Aries Horoscope 2018

Personally for you, stars command you to work your way through the grind. There seems to be no parallel to working hard to reach your goals. You are being ably supported by your actions as your efforts would be well directional. Financial gains seem to abound too. Business opportunities with foreign connection could work out. Love life would blossom as your heart isset out to look beyond the regular or usual date for yourself. This will be a success too, towards the year end. The stature at work will go up as you would start shouldering more work, take up challenging project dropped by others. Stay away from hot & spicy food for better digestion.

Life in 2020-29 decade would go up and down for you. The years would start getting increasingly better in terms of your stature at work, financial gains as well as your ability to crack business dealings would spruce up with time. You would add to your skill sets - business skills as well aspeople skills. This would make life better and easier for you.



Aries Horoscope 2018

Personally for you, 2020 is a decent year as you would enjoy an edge over your rivals. Your fortune seems to smile at you after all these years. Finances would be moving, gaining from your social circle would be apossibility. Networking seems to be on the cards. Too much indulging and being on gratification mode would be counter-productive in the end. Continue to use your charm and tact at work, confrontation mode would not work. Wily deals and money making tactics will work in your favour. 

Life in 2020-29 seems to be getting better for you - health issues would abate, given all other factors. Your inclination towards higher learning would go up. Coming years would also see your love & marital life take off well. Success could elude you for sometime but would not be denied.



Aries Horoscope 2018

Personally for you, 2020 would be the year to consolidate position & stature in key areas of life. Both professionally and in personal life you would cruise along well. Authority at work would increase, interest in higher skills and learning could take you to the path of spirituality. Controlling temper in relationships would be a must especially towards year end. Financial pressure could trouble you and working as per set-budget would bebetter. Chances of marriage building up as the year advances.
Life in 2020-29 appears to be good for the love & romance theme in life. Jupiter & Saturn movement is facilitating good times ahead to tie the knot. Rise in spirituality and higher learning is denoted. Stay cautious regarding your public life in the years to come by. Monetarily, the coming years of decade would be fruitful.



Aries Horoscope 2018

Personally for you, 2020 would need a clear thinking, strategy and planning to take your professional life forward. Keeping a contingency plan for any changes that could come in the form of a transfer or an internal movement within the workplace. There could be some issues with siblings, rift in domestic life could appear. Travel possibilities abound, keeping a check on expenses would help though. You would have to get past your rivals with mental toughness this year.

Life during 2020-29 would keep you routed into spiritual thoughts. There would be a rise in your stature within the family clan. If not married you would find your life partner. Business prospects would get better. Read More...



Aries Horoscope 2018

Personally for you, 2020 would turn out to be a year of  financial prosperity, name and respect. Your ability to take initiative improves. It will help find a new job opportunity with monetary gains. Celebration in the family life seems to be on the cards. Expect taking a lead over your competition this year. Your rivals would likely show white-flag and compromise without you getting into peace-making with them. Waiting to get married or raise a child; should be granted this year. Speculative mode of investment would be a loss making preposition though. And any interest outside of the marital life would hamper peace at home. 
During 2020-29 years, investment in real estate would pay off and you could acquire gains through immovable assets. Blessings of marriage, children and matters of relationship and love would blossom. Change of residence is likely in the years to come, as the planetary changes clear any hurdles in this move. Read More...



Aries Horoscope 2018

Personally for you, 2020 would help you get a newer perspective in life. Creative ideas would see the light of the day and help you grow. Healthy habits and staying away from cold, fast food would help. Working within a budget to avoid financial pressures is a must. Read the fine print before signing any document before investment this year. Control your temper and avoiding aggressive utterance would be needed. Relationship frequency could go up while you could find a stable partner towards the end of the year.

During 2020-29 years, you would move towards a stable life in terms of business & profession as well as personal relationships. Your stature at work would grow with increased responsibilities and gains. You would command yourself using your ideas, creativity and mind. Domestic harmony would rise with the side track of low relations with relatives. Making efforts in your work would pay off in years to come. Read More...



Aries Horoscope 2018

Personally for you, the year 2020 brings in travels and benefits from your foreign connections. Your ability to negotiate & strike deals would get better and you would be more judicious in your decision making. Making efforts at workplace would ensure the growth later. Reaching your goals appears delayed & not denied. Keeping a positive outlook & using charm & diplomacy would be your best bet for love & romance in the New Year. You may find love from unexpected quarters this year. Your expenses would rise and scope of investment in real estate is indicated in 2020.

The time during the new decade 2020-29 would see hard work, rise in courage, heath betterment and relationships strengthening. Purchase of property, marriage, or a new partner is indicated. This could then be followed by health & wellness issues, change in the outlook and finances. By the end of the decade, you be on a stable footing in your work and domestic matters. Read More...



Aries Horoscope 2018

Personally for you, the year 2020 commands you to be cautious in financial matters. Being slow & steady at workplace would make no difference in the long run. Your social stature would grow this year. Finding extended help from social media and people in your circle is a possibility. The end of the year would bring comforts and a happy subconscious back. You would be able to connect with others more easily now.
The years through the decade 2020-29 would continue to getting better after a sluggish and somewhat downbeat start. The divine bliss of Jupiter would help get life back on track towards the end of the decade. Read More...



Aries Horoscope 2018

Personally for you, the year 2020 should bring your finances back on track. You would be shouldering more responsibility at work and would come out as greatly dependable. Year 2020 would not be the time to try & explore fresh ideas at work, sticking to basics would do the job for you. Any upsets in relationships could be avoided by being rationale and sensitive, without obsessing over the right and wrong. Foreign connections would bring in financial gains this year.

The years through the new decade of 2020-29 would see life moving through the contours of highs and lows. The kick off years will see Saturn strongly helping you hold on to yourself. Then there would be some low phase which would be more in the mind than factually. Stability at work & finding a love partner would be fulfilled. Read More...

2021 Comprehensive Horoscope

2021 Horoscope prepared under the supervision of Pt. Punarvasu will offer you a 'complete & personal guide' to the events expected in your life in the year 2021. This report, as prepared on your date, place & time of birth will bring you the update on the events & occurrences...more

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