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Transit of Sun

Transit of Sun

Sun spends around 1 month in each sign before it transits to the next and it takes around 1 year to travel through the complete zodiac circle. Sun is said to bring positive results for the native if it is placed in 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th house from natal Moon (where Moon is positioned at the time of birth). However, in the remaining houses from Moon, i.e. 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 12th, it can be malefic too.

If Sun moves into the house where natal Moon is positioned, the native has to be very careful in health matters. Some issues related to heart, blood pressure or circulation, headache, and eyes could strike during the transit. Lack of peace of mind also persists during this period. Native may also experience turbulence in financial stability. Your name and position in society may also decline. This period is marked by increased difficulties at the workplace too. You should keep your temper and irritation in check as there could be clashes with spouse and other family members as well.

When Sun is placed in the second house from Moon, native experiences financial hurdles. You would start experiencing temperamental issues. You strongly need to control your temper and tongue during this transit as it could create tension in family and problems with friends. You don’t want to lose respect. This is not a good time to lend or borrow money. It would be in your best interest to avoid any risky investments or speculation. Health should also be taken care of as chances of problems like headaches, eye related issues, stress etc persist. You should also avoid travel and excessive indulgence. 

If Sun transits to the 3rd house from Moon’s placement, you experience a lot of progress on the professional front. Native also lands a promotion or pay hike during the period of the transit. This is the period of progress, happiness, good health, and increment in wealth. Sun here gives you a new surge of energy to topple enemies.
Your efforts fetch positive results during this time. Your relatives, family and friends recognize your value and pay respect to you. You experience a lot of mental peace and relief during this period. Any travels taken up during the transit prove rewarding too. You also get a chance to spend quality time with loved ones.

Sun’s transit to the fourth house from Moon causes some mental tensions and worries. Your image and status suffer due to this placement. Some issues with seniors also take place during this period. Some communication gap or misunderstandings with coworkers and employees could also occur. Workload remains high during this period so stress levels also shoot up. Problems persist in land and property matters too. Any unexpected journey should be avoided for now. Domestic turbulence also increases with this transit as lack of understanding persists. You might land into some arguments with your mother.

When Sun moves into the 5th house from natal Moon, you start encountering issues in your work life. Seniors begin to question your work. Enemies and competitors also try to drag you down. Some mental stress prevails throughout. You should avoid any arguments during this period. Chances of health complications also increase, especially those related to heart and stomach. You might also face issues with your spouse and children. Your good will and status suffers at the hands of the negative planetary energy. Some issues with authority or government also keep you troubled during this time.

Sun’ transition to the 6th house from the position of natal Moon is considered good. It helps get relief in health matters. Enemies also become weaker during this time. This proves a happy and fortunate period overall. Your endeavors bring success and reach to fruition. Relief is also seen in litigation matters. Your status and earning also improves with this transit. You also improve your network and social contacts. This is a good time to fulfill your travel goals, as your trips would give good results especially those concerning business.

Sun’ move into the 7th house from Moon brings challenges in work life. You might indulge in disputes with colleagues and seniors. This could interfere with your progress at work. Opposition becomes stronger during this time. A sort of helplessness prevails in life. Health also drags you down especially stomach related issues. You should also take care of your spouse’s health during this time. Natives with this placement of Sun experience delay in achieving their targets in life. This is not the best time to travel either. Wealth loss is also possible.

When Sun transits to the 8th house from where natal Moon is positioned, native experiences hurdles in life.  Opposition tries to strike you down and some legal issues also come up. You also need to take care of your health until Sun is in this position. Indigestion, blood circulation problems, and piles are a few issues that could trouble you. You should also be careful while driving or walking as chances of an accident are there as well. Relationship with spouse and family members also suffers during this period. There could also be some unnecessary expenses and losses.

When Sun is placed in 9th house from natal Moon, native should be careful at work. Some accusation/false charges are possible against you. This is a tough time concerning finances as well. You might spend excessively during this time. Lack of mental peace, issues with family and spouse and problems from enemies persist until Sun is placed in 9th house from natal Moon. Some health issues related to chest, throat, spine, knees and hips also keep you troubled.

The placement of Sun in 10th house from natal Moon is considered very positive in Vedic Astrology. This is an auspicious period when native experiences growth and profits without much effort. Promotion and salary increment is also possible during this period. You land new opportunities and get fame and recognition from seniors too. Family and friends respect you and you also get acclaim in your social circle.  Respite in health is also observed.

Sun’s transit into 11th house from Moon brings unexpected gains in life. You get a lot of appreciation from your boss during this time. Business also remains profitable and income prospects increase. Chances of promotion or pay hike are there as well. Investments prove lucrative during this time. Overall, your financial status improves. This is also a good period for health matters. Travels during this period turn out to be fruitful.

Sun’s move into 12th house from natal Moon doesn’t prove much profitable. You should try to avoid a hasty approach as chances of injuries are there. You might also experience some financial issues. Sleeplessness persists along with lack of mental peace. Health issues may also strike such as stress, stomach problems, fever, and eye related issues. You should avoid any arguments with spouse during this period and try to sustain your existing relationships. This is not the most opportune period to indulge in investments either.

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