Venus Transit in Astrology

Venus governs our lives’ aspects associated with fame, hobbies, art, and relationship. The transit of Venus affects everyone differently, but it affects the areas of life it represents the most. Based on its position in the house of any horoscope, Venus’s transit can bring or take away your reputation, luxury and affect your love life.

Venus Transit in Astrology

Venus is the planet of beauty, desire, luxuries, & relationships in any horoscope. Taurus and Libra are its ruling signs. It is ruled by Bharani, Purva Phalguni & Purva Ashada Nakshatra (constellations).

Venus is exalted in Pisces and debilitated in Virgo where it shares a friendly relationship with Mercury & Saturn and opposition with Sun & Moon, and neutral relationship with Mars & Jupiter.

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Venus represents love, desires, your relationship to money, aesthetic and what you find lavish. Venus is the significator of love /marriage relationships where it governs courtship, adoration, personal taste, and aesthetics.

Venus is known as SHUKRA in Vedic astrology which means white/bright in Sanskrit that reward the person with long life wealth, happiness, children, education and property. Venus, as a planet, is associated with personal/family life, taste, business/job/livelihood where the benevolent influence of Venus supports the accumulation of wealth, jewelery, landed properties, domestic peace & prosperity, success in professional life, and a good health.


Venus Transits in 2024

  • Transit of Venus in Sagittarius (18 Jan till 12 Feb 2024): Be in a receptive mode to be happy as Venus transits Sagittarius. There will be a few surprises in your relationship which might make you happy. Financially, long-term investments in this period will bring profits.
  • Transit of Venus in Capricorn (12 Feb till 7 March 2024): This transit will usher in an incredible time in love & relationships. Delayed issues in your love/marital life will be resolved, bringing peace & happiness. It is a favorable period for your work, spiritual progress & good earnings. Also, with focus & hard work, you will resolve all financial issues.
  • Transit of Venus in Aquarius (7 March till 31 March 2024): This transit may create distances in your love/marital relationship; but the Venus-Saturn Conjunction during this transit will reflect your positive traits, bring a sensible approach to love and relationships, and firm commitment.
  • Transit of Venus in Pisces (31 March to 25 April 2024): As Venus transits its exalted sign of Pisces, it will affect how you relate to forging a new understanding in current relationships, expanding job opportunities and spending money on luxuries and comforts for yourself and loved ones.
  • Transit of Venus in Aries (25 April till 19 May 2024): This transit enhances your independence while effecting a positive impact on your relationships, finances & love life. It manifests an increase in luxuries, a hint of show-off vis-a-vis your partner's feelings. You will be outgoing, outspoken & bond well with others.
  • Transit of Venus in Taurus (19 May till 12 June 2024): This transit will motivate you to have the best thing in your life. You will think about achieving financial success & security. The outcomes of Venus’s transit in Taurus will depend on its position in each zodiac sign.
  • Transit of Venus in Gemini (12 June till 7 July 2024): This is a favorable transit. It will bring significant changes in your life.
  • Transit of Venus in Cancer (7 July till 31 July 2024): This transit will endow you with the ability to reconnect with your loved ones by expressing your emotions effectively & through empathy. Overall, this transit will make you offer & accept much more in relationships, both personal & professional.
  • Transit of Venus in Leo (31 July till 25 Aug 2024): This transit will bring you heightened passion. You will passionately desire materialistic luxuries and, if you are single, will search for a partner with intense passion. The transit will make you more aware of your needs, along with the needs of your partner.
  • Transit of Venus in Virgo (25 Aug 2024 till 18 Sep 2024): This transit will ensure that reconsideration, observation & reinventions are the focus in your love life. It will make you practical & realistic in your relationships. It is a beneficial time for family & love relationships.
  • Transit of Venus in Libra (18 Sep till 13 Oct 2024): This period will boost your bonding with partner/spouse & ensure harmony & balance in all your relationships, while attending to responsibilities towards your family, friends & others connected with you.
  • Transit of Venus in Scorpio (13 Oct till 7 Nov 2024): This transit will bring impulsive & intense emotions to the forefront. You may experience love, desire, & jealousy. You will be blessed with a practical sense of change or modification in your life, especially in career & relationships. There will be meaningful connections with others, financial opportunities & self-transformation.
  • Transit of Venus in Sagittarius (7 Nov till 2 Dec 2024): Be in a receptive mode to be happy as Venus transits Sagittarius. There will be a few surprises in your relationship which might make you happy. Financially, long-term investments in this period will bring profits.
  • Transit of Venus in Capricorn (2 Dec 2024 till 28 Jan 2025)


Planetary transit of Venus represents the movement of Venus over the natal planets in any horoscope where it illuminates the progressive and non-progressive issues and events that are activated and highlighted during its transit period.

  • Venus has the similar energy to Mercury due to its closeness to the Sun, but the Venusians energy is more balanced in its nature than Mercury’s energy during its transit.
  • Venus projects gradual, persisting and harmonious waves during its transit that rule our senses of beauty, love and peace as it affects our social attitude, behaviour, aesthetic experience, & inclinations where relationships are involved.
  • Venus’s transit strongly reflects our core morals and values, signifying modesty, good values, sincerity, beauty, happiness and well-being that is well connected with the placement of Venus in your horoscope.

Venus takes about 23 days during its transit in one zodiac sign, and it takes 276 days to travel through all 12 signs.

Nature/Dignity of Venus in Transit

The most important thing to consider while addressing the Venus’s transit is the nature, dignity or placement of Natal Venus in any horoscope. A benefic planet in good dignity in the birth chart will manifest good results, whereas a malefic planet in bad dignity in the birth chart will require diligence, patience and extra efforts before producing any result.

Venus has dual relationships over Libra and Taurus that represent two significant areas of our life –money and love, so the transit of Venus has the ability of influencing harmony in relationships and materialistic security & gains with a better understanding and adjustment with others due to its exaltation in Pisces.

Afflicted/weak placement of Venus in any horoscope indicates communication gap, disturbed relationships, insecurity in financial stability which can make you frustrated and affect your mental peace.

Transit of afflicted Venus in the 6th/7th house in any horoscope or with malefic planets like Rahu/Ketu or dragon’s head/tail can directly impact your health and causes urinary infection, issues in reproductive organs of women and impotency in males.

Dignity or Placement of Venus in Sign/House during Transit

The dignity or placement of Venus during its transit in the house /sign is critical as it activates and highlights the events related to that sign and house.

  • If Venus is transiting through its Own/Exalted/ Friendly sign/house and is well placed in harmony with other planets at the time of birth, then you will enjoy all kinds of materialistic gains and strong relationships in life. Venus’s benefic position will bless you with an appealing personality and a great communication skill that will be liked by everyone.
  • On the other hand, if Venus is transiting through the Enemy/Debilitated sign/house and shares a complicated relationship with other planets, then it will affect your wealth stability during its transit period. You may start losing your income sources one by one and due to misunderstanding and lack in coordination, your relationship may also suffer.
For example, if Venus is in its exalted sign for Pisces and it rules 3rd and 8th house, then it will give the person ability to satisfy and fulfill the desires of partner and enjoy their relationship. Whereas the debilitated position of Venus and ruling 4th and 11th house makes the person modest and give them a reserve personality due to which they may not express their love feelings to the partner.


Transit/Aspect Relationships of Venus Over Other Planets

The relationship of Venus with other planets is an important factor to manifest progressive, average or malefic results during its transit.

The transit or aspect of Venus over friendly planets like Mercury and Saturn, if well placed in any horoscope, will produce beneficial results for you by blessing you with intellect, compassion & patience that are required for the materialistic gains and happiness in the relationship.

The transit of Venus over neutral planet like Mars and Jupiter is likely to produce moderate/average results, depending on the interconnection of all planets in the horoscope.

The transit of Venus over enemy planet, like Sun and Moon can cause you stress and less progressive results due to lack initiative and efforts from your side. It also disturbs your relationships due to egoistic attitude.

Whereas the transit of Venus with Rahu/Ketu in the same sign or house can cause health concerns like obesity, diabetes, stress and separation in the relationships as well.

The conjunction of Venus with other planets can form auspicious/inauspicious results that can be beneficial/less progressive with frequent screening of one of them at regular intervals, based on the speed of Venus’s transit.

  • Venus [relationships] - Sun [power] conjunction can make you capable of expressing your feelings to others. It will not only make you popular, but the opposite sex will also get attracted towards you during this transit.
  • Venus-Moon [mind, emotions] conjunction will give you ability to enjoy your relationship where you will share intimacy with your partner and with a meaningful & healthy conversation with your parents/family, you will gain respect in your personal relationship.
  • Venus-Mercury [intelligence] conjunction will bless you with creativity and a great communication ability where you will maintain a great bonding with your near and dear one.
  • Venus-Mars [passion] conjunction will make you passionate about your love relationship with the strong physical desire and mutual satisfaction will rule your mental physic. Be careful of about dominating your partner in the zest of high emotions.
  • Venus-Jupiter [spiritual] conjunction can make you inclined towards religion and spirituality where you will spend quality time with family/partner at religious places. Your cheerful disposition will make you a perfect friend and a partner during this transit. This is perfect transit for love and relationships.
  • Venus-Saturn [discipline] conjunction will make inclined towards creativity & art. It also bestows you with good professional life, promotion, good reputation, and monetary gain. On the contrary, this conjunction may deprive you with the domestic peace and prosperity where frequent discord with partner and lack physical gratification is visible.

The transit of Venus in any horoscope is influenced by various factors that can be defined by the placement of Venus and type of relationship it shares with other planets. You are likely to experience benefic and malefic results, based on the aspect, house/sign, placement, combustion, close proximity and conjunctions pf Venus with any planet.

In traditional astrology, the transit of planets is seen from the Ascendant when observing the transit effects associated with Venus. The other principle of observing the transit, is the placement of the Moon in the birth chart that is referred to as Ascendant to analyze the effects of Venus’s transit.

Effects of Transit of Venus in Various Houses

Venus Transit in 1st House: You are likely to focus on yourself and put in honest effort in building relationships with others. During this auspicious transit, you will get success in your career.

When Venus transits 1st house, you will be blessed with success on personal and professional front. You will see a new growth in every department of your life, thanks to the blessing of Venus’s transit in 1st house.

Venus Transit in 2nd House: You will do well in any creative or artistic endeavors. You will work with utmost dedication to get materialistic possessions in life and strengthen your financial status.

The transit of Venus in 2nd house will bring financial gain from regular source of income and accumulation of wealth. There is a demand for you to be alert in money matters and keep a tab on your extravagance.

On the other hand, when Venus is afflicted during its transit, it can give excess sexual orientation and incline you towards materialistic luxury that will hinder your success and progress.

Venus Transit in 3rd House: You will enjoy a u relationship with your siblings, colleagues and friends. Your unique way of expressing your feelings will give you reputation in society and reward you with progressive relationships on the personal and professional front.

When Venus is weak during its transit in 3rd house, it might make you dishonest and insecure in expressing your feelings to others.

Venus Transit in 4th House: There will be domestic peace and prosperity in relationships with your partner and family during the transit of Venus in 4th house. You may add modern luxury in your home for a trendy interior look and comfort as Venus can make you the admirer of beauty and perfection.

There might be indulgence in creativity on professional front. In case of weak or afflicted Venus’s position during its transit, your relationship might get affected and you will remain stressed due to health concerns and unexpected expenses.

Venus Transit in 5th House: You will express your love and affection with your spouse and children in a creative way that will strengthen your relationships.

When Venus is well-placed during its transit in 5th house, you will share romantic moments with your partner. But when Venus is afflicted, then it might give you excess inclination of sex which might ruin your relationship with partner.

Venus Transit in 6th House: You will see a new growth in your Job or business during this transit period. When Venus transits 6th house, you will enjoy a harmonious relations with superiors and colleagues on the work front. Promotion is indicated during this period.

You need to be very careful about your health. Put in honest effort to see a growth in your personal and professional life. Weak or afflicted Venus will weaken your strength to be motivated and your work & progress will see a bad time due to lazy approach.

Venus Transit in 7th House: You will enjoy the company of your partner and family members during this transit. It will bring harmony and love in your personal and professional relationships.

This is a favorable transit to start new venture in partnership. You can take initiative to rekindle your relationship during this period. Afflicted or weak position of Venus can give you a thought of being superior and you may take your relationship for granted which will affect harmony with your family member or partner.

Venus Transit in 8th House: This period will give you some new connections through which you will get new opportunities for your professional growth. You may express your feeling in a unique way that will be liked by your partner, and this will stimulate your love relationship.

When Venus is placed in a weak or afflicted position during its transit in 8th house, it may make you more inclined towards sexual desires, and you may not share an emotional bonding with your partner that will ruin harmony in your relationship.

Venus Transit in 9th House: Lots of opportunities are on your way based on professional and personal prospects through which your career will see a new growth. This transit will bring opportunities to spend quality time with your partner and family.

Venus’s transit in 9th house teaches you the new perspective about your love relationships, but weak/afflicted Venus’s position during its transit may disturb your relationships due to your inappropriate behavior.

Venus Transit in 10th House: Your skills and knowledge will give you great gain on career front. You will connect with your clients with a positive and pleasant approach that will help in finalizing new deal.

Your hard work and honest approach towards a tough task may be liked by your boss, so chances of getting promotion or salary increment is high. But weak/afflicted position of Venus during its transit in 10th house force you to use your power/position to get materialistic, personal or social benefits in a wrong way.

Venus Transit in 11th House: You will get good gains on professional front by finalizing good deals with your pleasant and diplomatic behavior. This auspicious transit of Venus in 10th house makes you committed in your love relationship through which, you will give enjoy romantic moments with your partner.

Weak or afflicted position of Venus will give you self-centered approach for any personal or professional endeavors.

Venus Transit in 12th House: You will see a new growth in your creative pursuits and intuition that will allow you to comprehend others at your compassionate and spiritual level. You may get indulged in a romantic, intimate and hidden commitments.

There might business dealings related to music, arts, hospitals etc. Weak Venus’ position during its transit in 12th house will make you less emotional and more demanding for sexual desires from your partner in the relationship. This will badly impact your social image.


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Venus Transit in Astrology

Venus governs our lives’ aspects associated with fame, hobbies, art, and relationship. The transit of Venus affects everyone differently, but it affects the areas of life it represents the most. Based on its position in the house of any horoscope, Venus’s transit can bring or take away your reputation, luxury and affect your love life.

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