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Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus

Venus gives positive results if placed at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 11th and 12th position from where Moon is posited at the time of birth. At rest of the places, i.e. 6th 7th and 10th house from Moon, its transit proves to be malefic for a native. Here is a detailed overview of how Venus transit may affect your life based on which house it occupies from the Moon.

If Venus transits to the first house from natal Moon, it augments wealth, happiness, success in education, marriage prospects, recreation, and growth in business. You could expect a lot of happenings on the personal front. This is a good period to meet new people and enjoy the company of the opposite sex.

When Venus transits to the second house from natal Moon, you get to enjoy new clothes and accessories. Your inclination towards music increases. You get recreation opportunities with family, monetary profits and gains from government. You are likely to spend your money in purchasing gems and ornaments during this time. Love affairs keep flourishing during the transit and matters connected to females also observe success.

In the third house from natal Moon, Venus transit promises gains from friends, business growth, downfall of enemies and opposition, increase in courage and good luck, arrival of good news, and aid from government. Your siblings like to enjoy good time with you. You would have a good social life. You are likely to spend time indulging in hobbies and creative pursuits such as music, arts etc. Venus here gives authority, power, prosperity, rise in position and luxuries.

Venus transit in 4th house from natal Moon fulfills wishes and augments possibility to accumulate wealth, property, and conveyance. It also promotes sociability, bonding with relatives, and mental strength. Good income from property, name & fame, happiness in family, sound health, and material comforts come with Venus transit. Native likes to spend time with spouse and children and really enjoys the company of the opposite gender. You also make new friends and have an indulgent lifestyle.

When Venus transits to 5th house from natal Moon, it brings happiness in children matters. It also ensures success in exams, more entertainment opportunities, romantic encounters with partner, and profit from gambling or speculation. Your friends, mentors, and elders value you and treat you well during this period. You may also fall for someone special during this time. Level of attraction towards opposite sex increases when Venus transits to 5th house from Moon.

Venus transit in 6th house from natal Moon is usually considered malefic. It increases your number of enemies and infuses a constant fear of health issues in your mind. It may also cause miseries to or arguments with your spouse. Native is at risk of meeting humiliation during this time. Some mental distress also persists. Venus transit here suggests that native is better off if long distance trips are avoided because possibility of accident is strong.

Venus transit in 7th house from Moon is also held to be unfavorable. It can result in ailments related to genitals and reproductive system, problems in travel, distress to spouse or conflicts with them, and hurdles in earning livelihood. This transit also brings conflicts in married life, rise in expenditure, and dissatisfaction in love matters. Native should stay away from mischievous coworkers too. Positively, some recognition or reward from authority or government is possible during this period.

Transit of Venus in 8th house from Moon helps you mitigate troubles in life and alleviate monetary gains and happiness. The native gets the comfort of having houses, attendants and a rich spouse. This transit also brings success in love matters. You might get the company of an attractive partner, especially if you are a male. Students begin to invest more efforts into their studies. You may in fact purchase landed property or house too.

Venus transit in 9th house from natal Moon gives you gains from government, possibility of pilgrimage or travel to a religious place, auspicious ceremony at home, and improvement in luck. Native enjoys a positive bonding with partner and attains a lot of peace of mind too. This period also indicates success in education. Health remains satisfactory. Inclination towards religious pursuits increases during this period. Your involvement in virtuous activities gets noticed by others.

Venus transit through the 10th house from natal Moon is not considered opportune as per Vedic astrology principles. It gives mental stress and worries, disputes, hurdles at work, recurrent failures, and problems from government as well. You may want to be cautious concerning finances as there are chances of incurring debt or loan. You should also avoid any disputes with spouse to maintain peace in your married life.

With a Venus transit through 11th house from natal Moon, you gain expansion in wealth and fame, support from friends, and success in endeavors. This transit is also good for domestic matters and relationships. You would get out of any financial troubles too. This is also a bright period concerning your social life. You are likely to land a better position and status, which would boost your image among your circle. Your friends also cooperate with you during this period. Married folks also have a pleasant time.

If Venus transits through your 12th house from Moon, it gives financial gains, indulgence in material comforts and sensual pleasures and entertainment. This period also indicates unnecessary expenditure and wastage of money on a trip to a foreign country. Your house becomes vulnerable to theft during this period so be very careful and alert. Singles may get to initiate a romantic and sensual relationship with someone.

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