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Transit of Mars

Transit of Mars

This fiery red planet stays in each sign for around 40 days. It brings positive results when transiting into 3rd, 6th, and 11th house from where Moon is posited at the time of birth.  In the remaining houses, i.e. 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 12th house from Moon, it can bring some negative impact as well. Here is a detailed overview of how Mars transit may affect your life based on which house it occupies from the natal Moon.
When Mars transits to the 1st house from natal Moon, you should start paying more attention towards finances. Some unwanted expenses could crop up during this time. Health-wise, you may  develop some fever or blood related ailments. Some ups and downs could also be there in career. It is better to avoid starting up your own business for now. You relationship with mother may not be as cordial either during this time.

When Mars moves into your 2nd house from natal Moon, you would begin facing temperamental issues. It would be in your best interest to avoid using harsh words. You should work towards taming your temper. You should especially be careful in dealing with your father. Health could tumble during this transit and some financial hiccups may also persist. You should pay attention to the safety of your valuables. Some old enemies or wicked friends might try to harm you so be very careful.

When Mars moves into your 3rd house from natal Moon, you would hook some good profits and increase wealth. You would enjoy a lot of material comforts during this time. Your efforts would bring good rewards and these little achievements would give you more confidence and strength. Your stamina and health would also be satisfactory during this period. Any chronic disease would now subside. You would get a new perspective and clarity in life. Enemies would also depart eventually.

Mars’ move into the 4th house could bring some hurdles in life. Your old enemies may try to drag you down now. You might forge some new enemies from within your family or social circle too. You would seem more harsh and rude than before. This is essentially the time when you should be careful about your mother’s health as well as your own since you could be susceptible to fever, stomach and high blood pressure. Try to establish a harmonious relationship with your loved ones and avoid any involvement in property matters for now.
Unnecessary fears and stress could creep into your life once Mars moves into 5th house from natal Moon. This is a period to stay calm and work on your relationship with friends and family. Your children may also suffer on the health front so be careful. You should also keep a watch on your dietary habits. Your expenditure could soar up so you may want to reconsider your spending habits to enable smooth finances.
Mars’ transit to the 6th house from natal Moon engenders positive results. Profits roll in for businesses, especially in metal industry. This is a period of wealth growth and accumulation. You would get a lot of acclaim and even promotion in keeping with your improved performance. All this leads to financial uplift. This is a favorable time to challenge enemies and opposition. Judgment of a court case would also be in your favor. Health also improves considerably during this time. Overall, your life bubbles with growth and happiness.

If Mars transits to the 7th house from natal Moon, you might start facing issues with your spouse and mother. What you need to keep things in your control is tact and politeness. You should beware of your business partner during this time as he or she could betray you. Income may fall a little so manage your money well. Health could also tumble due to the transit. Be careful of problems related to stomach, eyes and chest. Some mental distress may persist for both you and your spouse.

When Mars transits to 8th house from natal Moon, it often takes its toll on the native’s health. You may face issues with breathing, mental unrest, piles, and blood related weakness.  You should take your fitness and wellbeing seriously during this time. It would be best to avoid any kind of addiction to keep health on track. Mars here also warns you of handling sharp objects and weapons with caution. Financially, this isn’t a fortunate time to apply for a loan or borrow money. A travel with friends and family could take place which will be very rewarding.

If Mars transits to the 9th house from natal Moon, you would begin facing may roadblocks in your way to success. You should stay alert and prudent in financial matters. Some minor health issues could keep you troubled such as muscular or body aches. You might feel less energetic and stronger. Work life also requires more hard work for you to maintain your position and image in front of seniors. Some sort of disappointment or feeling of discomfort may prevail throughout nonetheless.

If Mars transits to 10th house from natal Moon, you may start facing more issues with seniors. While you would put in enough efforts, results may not be that satisfactory. This could lead to disappointment, and that is what you should avoid to keep this period soothing. Health also requires attention during this time.  It would be better to ignore any enemies but at the same time stay alert and away from any weaponry. You are likely to get involved in bad company during this time, which could backfire. Some financial struggles would also persist.

If Mars transits to the 11th house from natal Moon, your life would begin to take a turn for the better. This transit brings auspicious results. It would bestow better health and throw more income opportunities. You would get a lot of support from friends during this time. This is an opportune time to make real estate investments too. Business also remains profitable during this period. You will give a nice boost to income. You could expect some gains from siblings too. Children matters also bring happiness and good news. Your status and respect in society would increase during this transit.

Mars’ transit to the 12th house from natal Moon isn’t as positive though. Some body aches persist during this transit. You should be careful with your feet, eyes, and stomach. Some sleep related disorders also persist. This is the period when you should work towards curtailing your expenditure. A calm and polite approach would also help you maintain cordiality with spouse, family and friends. While this period also brings opportunities to travel abroad for business, results may not be as satisfactory as you expect. You should not indulge in any illegal activities.

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