Mars Transit in Astrology

Mars signifies aggression, survival & animal instinct. It gives us the willpower to act & express ourselves in any given situation.

Mars Transit in Astrology

Mars is the fiery planet that indicates desire, energy, drive and sexuality in any horoscope. Its ruling signs are Aries and Scorpio, and it rules Chitra, Mrigashira and Dhanistha Nakshatra. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and debilitated in Cancer, where it is friendly with Sun, Moon and Jupiter and in opposition to Mercury and Ketu.

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Mars signifies aggression, survival and animal instinct in any horoscope. On the positive side, Mars gives us willpower to act and express ourselves in any given situation.


Mars transits in 2024

  • Transit of Mars in Capricorn (5 Feb till 15 March 2024): You will experience major changes in your personal & professional relationships during this transit. You will take the lead & have the strength to make the required efforts & changes that will be progressive for your personal and professional growth.
  • Transit of Mars in Aquarius (15 March till 23 April 2024): This transit brings the best opportunity to gain more strength in your personal & professional ventures by the virtue of consistent energy and by adapting to work across all horizons of your life with undivided attention, be it the personal front or professional.
  • Transit of Mars in Pisces (23 April till 1 June 2024): This transit will bring to your life a series of major transformation. Also, when the planet of action & desires, Mars, transits Pisces, which is a water element, you are likely to become accommodative yet aggressive. 
  • Transit of Mars in Aries (1 June till 12 July 2024): This transit is a very important one since both Mars & Aries belong to the same element, Fire. This transit can bless you with courage, energy and the ability to independently deal with all tasks. 
  • Transit of Mars in Taurus (12 July till 26 Aug 2024): This transit will bring stability and strength to your outlook. You will look for options and sources to bring materialistic security and strength of affection in your relationships.
  • Transit of Mars in Gemini (26 Aug till 20 Oct 2024): This is the right time to plan & strategize innovatively for the future as this transit will shift the temperament of nature & people. Misplaced aggression, even affection, bad decisions & arguments as a result of haste & anger will surface in a big way. As Mars comes closer to Earth in this period, it will manifest a pronounced aggression in our lives & the world with the increased gravitational pull, making us act irrationally.
  • Transit of Mars in Cancer (20 Oct 2024 till 24 Feb 2025): This transit brings sensitivity & heightened emotions and also focuses on family, home & personal security.

Mars’ transit represents the movement of Mars over the Natal Planet in any horoscope where it illuminates progressive and non-progressive events that are activated during its period.

Transit of Mars in one sign lasts around 45 days and it completes its 9 transits in one year.

  • Mars makes you courageous and encourages you to take initiatives, bold steps and lead others with your strong personality during its transit in Ascendant or in the 1st house from the Moon Sign in your horoscope.
  • When it transits 7th or 8th house, it will make you a passionate lover and obsessed about satisfying sexual desires.
  • Mars’ transit in 3rd or 6th house makes you courageous to undertake daring attempts and win over your opponents with honest effort and hard work on the professional front.
  • Afflicted Mars’ transit in 6th or 8th house inclines you towards unlawful or violent activities due to jealousy or aggression over a situation or a person.


Mars’ Transits: Outcomes

It is important to evaluate the dignity, placement or nature of Mars in any horoscope. A benefic planet holding good dignity in the birth chart will cause positive outcomes whereas a malefic planet in the birth chart will cause negative outcomes.

Mars has its beneficial placement in its own sign, Aries, or exalted sign, Capricorn, or in 3rd, 6th or 11th house from Moon Sign, and will cause auspicious results and make you courageous and determined to deal with any obstacles in your way. This benefic placement also makes you action-oriented at work and possessive in personal relationship. You may also benefit through land or property related matters.

Afflicted or weak placement of Mars in 7th, 8th or 12th house can affect marital happiness, health and causes struggle in professional life. It makes you impulsive and over-passionate that might reflect a harsh behavior in you.


Placement or Dignity of Mars in House/Sign during Transit

Mars’ placement or dignity during its transit in the sign/house is critical as it activates and highlights the events related to that sign and house.

  • If Mars is transiting through own/exalted/friendly sign at the time of birth and is well-placed with other planets in harmony, then it causes you bold and courageous personality for any daring attempts, makes you capable of leading others with protective and guiding instincts to forgive others and accomplish the target. You will also be capable of making a perfect balance in your personal relationships during its transits as it is the significator of marital bliss.
  • Whereas if Mars is transiting through enemy/debilitated sign/house and is in a difficult relationship with other planets, then it causes you aggressive, argumentative and dominating nature which might ruin harmony in the relationship. Hence, you need to behave with extra caution and in a polite way to maintain your relationship with your partner and others.


Transit or Aspect relationship of Mars over other Planets

The relationship of Mars with other planets is important in producing progressive, average or malefic results while in transit.

  • The transit of Mars over friendly planets such as Sun, Moon and Jupiter, if well-placed in any horoscope, will cause beneficial results by making you action-oriented and courageous towards your work to achieve futuristic goals.
  • Mars’ transit over neutral planets like Venus and Saturn will manifest great results on the fact that Mars is an impulsive and action-oriented planet which will work peacefully with patience to maintain harmony, especially in personal relationship. But it might cause delay in manifesting expected results.
  • Whereas the transit of Mars with Rahu and Ketu in the same sign in any horoscope, can cause hurdles in career, health and relationship and the person may suffer from accident, operations, liver problems, discontent in marital relationship, blood related problems like hemoglobin/hypertension.

Conjunction of Mars with other planets can produce auspicious/inauspicious results which can be beneficial/less progressive with frequent screening of one of them at periodic intervals, depending on the transit speed of Mars.

  • Mars–Mercury [intelligence] are enemies, but conjunction in the same house may reap varied results, as the opposite energies of both planets makes you remarkably alert and sharp-witted. So, a favorable placement of Mars in your horoscope makes you capable of putting in calculated and action-oriented efforts to achieve success. On the contrary, an afflicted combination may create problems in marital life and education due to impulsive and restless approach.
  • Mars-Sun [courage] conjunction can produce success in medical profession as the combination of two fiery planets manifests the power of endurance and the impulse of quick action with energy. On the other hand, the afflicted combination can bring in strong tendency to become aggressive with overconfidence to dominate others for own gains.
  • Mars-Jupiter [wisdom] conjunction will make you inclined towards spirituality and wisdom and wise and intelligent to excel in the educational field, get success in professional sphere with good earnings and balanced relationships. Wisdom and intelligence can give you great reputation in your social circle and you may excel in community/charity work. On the other hand, an afflicted combination can make you suffer due to others’ dishonesty, wrong practices over occult knowledge, extravagance in expenditures, hasty decisions over important matters.
  • Mars-Venus conjunction indicates that Mars is a fiery planet whereas Venus is an airy planet, and the conjunction of opposite energies can make you excel in creative fields as professionals, with great recognition and financial rewards. There will be gain through women and you will enjoy a great married life. Afflicted combination of Mars-Venus can produce aggressive attitude in marital relations, extravagant spending and bad conduct in behaviour, bad health due to bloating and inflammation.
  • Mars–Saturn combination is malefic, but the opposite energies can effect a stable and strong personality that makes you capable of fulfilling your ambitions. Afflicted Mars-Saturn conjunction in any horoscope will create criminal tendencies and force the individual to achieve their goal through immoral practice.

The transit of Mars in any horoscope is influenced by various factors which can be defined by the placement of Mars and type of relationship it shares with other planets. You may likely experience benefic and malefic results, depending on the aspect, house/sign, placement and position of Mars, combustion/ close proximity/ conjunctions with any planet in your horoscope that can affect your life during that particular period.

In traditional astrology, the transits of planets are seen from the Ascendant when looking for the transit effects connected to the Mars. The other way of observing transit is the position of Moon in the horoscope/birth chart, which is referred to as Ascendant, to analyze the Mars’s transit impact.


Effects of Mars’ Transit in various Houses


Mars transit in 1st house

You may focus on your personal identity, appearance, self-expression, health and physique. Mars in the ascendant or in the 1st house from the Moon Sign with good dignity, blesses you with courage, strength, self-confidence where you will be capable of using your impulsive trait with balanced approach, depending on the perspective and the demand of the concerned matter.

You may succeed in fulfilling your ambitions. In addition, you may also have a feeling of aggression and ego-centric approach that might become the main reason for conflict with others.

Mars transit in 2nd house

You may remain inclined towards materialistic comforts. You will enjoy happiness in the relationship. To achieve all the materialistic luxuries, you put in all your efforts and work hard.

You will be over-passionate to gain physical assets and to come close to your partner.

Mars in the 2nd house can cause blood related problems, skin infections and troubles related to eye/ear.


Mars transit in 3rd house

You will be capable of undertaking daring attempts on personal and professional front with a winning streak. With an energetic approach, you will achieve your goals and fulfill your desires and also express your feelings to your near and dear ones.

There will be a cordial relation with your siblings, but mood swings and multiple tasks can raise conflicting situations on the personal and professional fronts. You also may not fulfill your commitments due to the multitasking that you have to do.

Mars transit in 4th house

You will enjoy a great bonding with your mother, happiness in family and benefit through parental properties.

But a weak placement of Mars will distract your focus from family responsibilities, and you may not put in effort to control your aggression and dominating nature.

This attitude might create distance from your near and dear ones, and you may not be capable of dealing with family issues.


Mars transit in 5th house

You will enjoy a great bonding with your children by spending quality time with them. You will have a cordial relationship with your family. You will have the enthusiastic energy to create passionate and expressive love relationship.

The energy of Mars gives you an appealing personality with the desire to express your feelings without restrictions, but on the other hand, excess of energy can divert you you into less progressive pursuits that may not be beneficial for you.


Mars transit in 6th house

You will be capable of winning over your rivals and opponents with your creative and innovative moves. Mars’ transit is considered auspicious in the 6th house and encourages you to earn more from your own efforts and fulfill your desires.

The effect of Mars makes you more organized in your daily schedule, but as the in-built trait of the Martian energy is to dominate others, it can create problems on the work front.

You will gain ancestral property and receive gains from spouse, but you may not have a cordial relationship with your loved ones.


Mars transit in 7th house

You need to be very careful of your relationships on personal and professional front. This transit is not beneficial for personal and professional prospects as due to impulsive and aggressive behaviour, you might get into conflicts with your business partner and chances of separation with your spouse is possible.

This might happen when Mars gets connected with malefic entities like Saturn and Rahu. Due to conflicts in marital life, you may remain highly stressed which will affect your mental health. You need to take care of your spouse’s health.

There might be loss in legal matters and finances due to negligence of partner.


Mars transit in 8th house

You will enjoy a great increase in earnings and income, but it might have a negative impact on your health and relationships.

Mars’s transit in the 8th house will activate the good actions and efforts for financial gains, but it also creates stress in relationships that may affect your health and may cause setbacks in financial gains due to rude behaviour.


Mars transit in 9th house

With your hard work and intelligence, you may grab an overseas profitable deal, but control your egoistic attitude. This transit might cause legal matters over property that will see the involvement of your extended family.

But you might win and get success in property-related matters with your strong sense of intuition, confidence and hard work.


Mars transit in 10th house

You may get auspicious results in your career, status and financial gains. There are gains in professional ventures and your father will support you a lot. There is a chance that the profession of your father might become the source of earning for you and your siblings.

Mars’ placement in the 10th house with connection of beneficial planets will increase your profit, but there might be a strained relationship between father and son.


Mars transit in 11th house

You will enjoy great monetary gains from various sources and the aspect on the 5th house will give you patience and courage that is crucial for monetary gains. You need to be attentive towards your relationships and social life, but caution on temperamental behaviour will be necessary to avoid any negative impact.


Mars transit in 12th house

You may get fewer progressive results where the impact of Mars’s transit can cause loss on the personal and professional front. There will be an increase in your expenditure, and you may not be able to save money. Chances of being cheated and loss of money are indicated, so you should remain careful in money matters.


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