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Transit of Mercury

Transit of Mercury

Mercury takes around 12 months to complete one circle of the zodiac and it spends up to 30 days in each sign, depending upon whether its movement is direct or retrograde. Mercury gives positive results if placed in 2nd, 4th, 6th, , 8th, 10th and  11th  house from where Moon is posited at the time of birth. At rest of the places, i.e., 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 12th house from Moon, it can bring some negative impact too. Here is a detailed overview of how Mercury transit may affect your life based on which house it transits to from the natal Moon.

If Mercury transits into the first house from natal Moon, it increases one’s stress level. You might remain upset due to financial hiccups. Loss of confidence and courage is another unfavorable impact of Mercury transit in this house. You might find yourself involved in bad company during this time. This might not turn into your favor so better avoid any mischievous friends or lawsuits. Your expenditure could also shoot off so plan your finances wisely. It would also be good to postpone any travel plans for now.

If Mercury transits into the second house from natal Moon, it gives a nice lift to your income. You would get a lot of appreciation from your coworkers and friends during this time. Your learning objectives get fulfilled too and you gain a lot of essential knowledge. You remain in the company of inspiring people and communication becomes a source of profit for you. However, you should be careful concerning the health of your siblings.

When Mercury transits into third house from natal Moon, you might begin to suffer some sort of weakness and dip in health. Enemies might try to pose hurdles in your way so be prepared. This isn’t a favorable transit to take up travel. You may also run into disputes with your spouse. In fact, you might face issues in all relationships, whether coworkers or relatives. You should also avoid indulging in any arguments with seniors. Some financial turbulence may be there too due to high expenditure.

If Mercury transits into fourth house from natal Moon, it brings about new opportunities of income growth. This is a progressive time for education too. You would get to study new material and learn new skills. Sure-fire success in competitive exams is possible, though it draws heavily on your efforts. You could consider investing in real estate, as good returns are likely too. Some gains from spouse are possible as well. This is the period when you would enjoy peace of mind and success in your endeavors.

If Mercury transits into fifth house from natal Moon, you might feel low in terms of health. This transit could breed issues with children so be very careful in how you deal with them. You might also run into arguments with spouse during this time. It would be better to stay away from bad associations for now. Arguments with colleagues should also be dodged off for best. Students’ efforts may not materialize and studies may require more hard work and focus. This is not a good time to get lured into any investment plans either.

With Mercury’s transit into sixth house from natal Moon, success and victory follows in all endeavors. Business grows, knowledge flourishes, and you get a lot of benefits from many a sources. You would also observe progress in studies. Your lifestyle remains affluent, with regular comforts such as vehicle, wealth and luxuries life has to offer. Income also remains fair enough in keeping with your efforts. Health should be fine; however, you may want to flee away from situation involving arguments with seniors during this period.

When Mercury moves into seventh house from natal Moon, seniors begin to find faults with your work and get disappointed. You might face a lot of opposition during this time. Health seems to be a major area of concern, for you as well as your spouse and children. This might keep you stressed and drained. You should try to forge better communication with your spouse and children so they don’t feel ignored. Avoid any travel plans for now.

When Mercury transits into eighth house from natal Moon, your social status begins to rise. You enjoy a comfortable if not luxury lifestyle. Children matters remain smooth as well. If other planets support, you may also welcome a new member in your family. Mercury here affords you with a sudden intellect to take wiser decisions. Drawing on this improved wisdom, you may also progress on the career front and earn good income too.  You would also enjoy a lot of mental peace and victory over opposition.

Mercury’s transit into ninth house from natal Moon marks the beginning of a relatively less fortunate period. You might run into some arguments with father during this time. Financial losses would also add to the mental burden you have been feeling lately. Some issues could also spoil your understanding with spouse. You should work hard during this while to maintain your position at work too. This is also a good period to think of cutting down expenditure and consider savings.

If Mercury transits into tenth house from natal Moon, you would feel more inclined towards spirituality. This is going to be an easygoing and cheerful period. You would enjoy a satisfactory income and growth in career as well. Your relationship with spouse would also remains sweet and smooth. You might get to spend time with someone new in your life. Your social status would also improve considerably as you topple opposition one by one. This would bring about a lot of mental peace.

Mercury’s move into eleventh house from natal Moon uplifts your will power. You are likely to enjoy a lot of material comforts and conveniences during this time. Your brothers and friends would specifically become your pillars of strength. You might discover and manifest a new hidden talent. You would fetch income from more than one source. Health should also remain satisfactory. You would also get to enjoy the company of opposite gender a lot.

When in twelfth house from the natal Moon, Mercury becomes weaker. There could be loss of wealth and health as well. Your expenditure would increase during this transit. You might go abroad during this period but don’t expect the desired outcome. Enemies may try to pose hurdles. You may also indulge in confrontations with spouse. All this might take a toll on your mental peace so try to maintain a cool and collected temperament in relationships.

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