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Transit of Jupiter

Transit of Jupiter

As per Vedic astrology principles, Jupiter gives positive results if placed in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th house from where Moon is posited at the time of birth. In the remaining houses, it can bring some negative results too. Jupiter nonetheless is considered as the most benefit planet in Vedic astrology. Its transit is reckoned crucial because it takes around 12 years to complete the zodiac circle, meaning it spends around 1 year in each sign. When it changes sign, its impact can be felt for a long while unlike planets as Sun and Mercury that change signs within less than a month.

When Jupiter moves into the 1st house from natal Moon, it brings some hurdles in life. Mental tensions persist along with lack of contentment and satisfaction. Health also degrades at the same time. Native also develops a tendency to indulge in arguments with others. Nonetheless, this is a very positive period when it comes to indulging in spiritual and virtuous pursuits. Native also develops a sort of fear and faces anxiety issues so practicing spirituality naturally helps.

Positivity returns into life when Jupiter transits to the 2nd house from natal Moon. There is a sharp increase in wealth and gains thereafter. You are also likely to get an award or recognition from society. You seem to develop prophetic abilities during this period. What you say often comes out to be true. Your relationship with family improves a lot. Health also picks up pace. For married folks, there is a good chance of childbirth during this period.

When Jupiter transits into the 3rd house from where Moon is positioned at the time of birth, native experiences some challenges in life. Business matters slow down due to obstacles. This is not a good period in terms of finances as some loss of money is possible. You may also encounter problems with your employer. Relationship with siblings and friends also suffers during this period. You should be very careful in health matters. A short religious trip is possible during this period or you could possibly indulge in some spiritual activities.

Jupiter transit into 4th house from Moon brings mixed results for the native. You should try to maintain cordiality with your relatives and family. Property matters can take an ugly turn so better avoid for now. You should also be careful while driving and travels should be avoided too. You also need to curtail unnecessary expenses to maintain financial balance. You may however have to borrow money to keep your business up and running.  Your relationship with mother could also suffer so better take care.

When Jupiter transits into 5th house from natal Moon, the native experiences a lot of improvement in all areas of life. Love and compassion increases. Children become very supportive. You gain a lot of well-wishers during this period. Your position in society also improves. Spiritual inclination also increases during this time. This is a good time to expect profit in investment and speculation. Your financial position is likely to improve too. Singles are likely to meet someone special during this time too. This transit period is also good for study related matters.

Jupiter’s move into 6th house from natal Moon is considered inauspicious in Vedic astrology since 6th is a malefic house and Jupiter expands what the house signifies. In this case, Jupiter increases health issues, expenditure, debt and problems with coworkers and employees. You need to be careful in these areas in order to maintain mental peace and happiness. You should also be careful of theft. Competitors may try to affect you adversely during this time. It would be better to stay away from any shady activities & arguments as some legal issues could crop up.

When Jupiter moves into 7th house from where Moon is positioned at the time of birth, native begins to experience relief in certain areas. Businesspersons start looking for new partnerships. Your relationship with seniors also improves. Understanding with spouse and children also gets a boost. Overall, you enjoy a good health, cordial relationships and better status. Some fruitful travels also take place during this time. This period is also marked by strong marriage prospects. You social life remains hyperactive too and you enjoy being with friends.

Having Jupiter move into your 8th house from Moon means you will now have to work harder to succeed in life. This period may have you spending excessively and travelling a lot. Some sudden issues in business could also crop up. Health may also dip during this period. You should be careful in litigation matters too. It would be best to avoid any arguments with family and friends to maintain peace.

Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius. When it moves into 9th house from natal Moon, it feels quite at home. This is an excellent time to grow professionally. Your financial position also improves and so does your relationship with boss. In fact, you can also get an increment or promotion during the transit period. Jupiter also brings blessings of the sages and mentors. A lot of religious activities take place. This is a good period to tie the knot as well. You could also go abroad!

When Jupiter moves into 10th house from natal Moon’s placement in a horoscope, it brings negative thinking and emotions into the native’s mind. You feel emotionally dissatisfied due to unfulfilled desires. It would be best to avoid any conflicts with seniors and family during this time. Some loss in property matters is also possible. All this could lead to mental distress so better keep patience and be calm. It would be good to visit religious places.

If Jupiter moves into 11th house from where natal Moon is posited, it brings a lot of respect, prestige, and position to the native. Children become supportive and loving during this time. You get success in your endeavors and topple opposition. You also get to enjoy a lot of material comforts life has to offer such as luxuries, jewelry, vehicle and property. Your desires get fulfilled in love matters too. Income also shoots up during this time and so do profits in business. You are likely to enjoy a good social reputation too.

Jupiter’s move into 12th house from Moon brings mixed results. Expenditure increases during this time but you are likely to spend on spiritual activities. You should stay far from you native place and children during this period and enjoy some solitude. Your interest in spirituality is likely to increase during this time. Some long distance travels may also take place. This period also brings difficulties in business matters so be cautious.

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