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Sun-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn Conjunction - 4 Planet Conjunction

If you have these fours planets conjunct in your horoscope, you are likely to be someone who easily gets jealous of others’ achievements. Nevertheless, you have strong leadership qualities and you may even enjoy the favors of people in higher positions. To top it all, you are a fearless soul and excel at many arts. Sculpting and poetry could be your fields of interest. You are also a courageous person.

Such natives also have the art to persuade others thus tend to be eloquent speakers and gain positions in authority due to this. However, along with these positive attributes, this conjunction also gives the native a harsh nature. Native can be mean to others. Moreover, despite an active public and social life, they tend to remain like a loner in their personal sphere. While they might be popular among the masses, they do not have someone close, whom they can trust and share secrets with.

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