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Sun-Moon-Mars-Saturn Conjunction - 4 Planet Conjunction

Moon here is strongly afflicted by other malefic planets, thus also brings adverse effects. Natives having this conjunction in their horoscope are likely to be short in stature. Their physical constitution may be weak and body might be disproportionate. Moreover, these people lack intellect and decision-making ability, which interferes with their success in life. Their lack of interest in religion and morality is also one of the hindrances. Moreover, their eyesight also suffers.

Having Sun together with Mars, Moon and Saturn in a house also makes you a foolish person depending upon which house or sign these planets occupy. You may not enjoy an important position in life. Moreover, financial position would be dissatisfactory; you may have to depend upon others. If you somehow make ends meet, it is often by using reprehensible means. Owing to these difficulties, such natives tend to spend their life wandering aimlessly. Their miseries may reflect in their restless eyes too. Spouse may not proffer much support either and could be unfaithful especially if the conjunction is under malefic influence.

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