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Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction - 4 Planet Conjunction

Mars and Jupiter share a friendly bond and are both inimical towards Mercury whom Saturn favors as a friend. This conjunction gives a heroic character to the individual. Such a person is quite balanced. These natives have all the good virtues we expect in a gallant individual. They are intellectual, wise, articulate, polite, and courageous. He or she is likely to be a creative genius, has solution to all any problem that may strike. They know how to sidestep challenges to have a smooth life.

Moreover, they are virtuous and follow a pious path. They tend to enjoy a good reputation among the high ranking individuals. Moreover, they have everything to topple enemies and opposition. This combination however is very bad for one’s wealth profile as it leads to poverty. Moreover, it makes the person aggressive, harsh and candid in nature. Such a person also suffers in marital life.

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