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Sun-Moon-Mars-Jupiter Conjunction - 4 Planet Conjunction

These four planets are friends to each other so it is likely to be a favorable position for the native. All these planets are associated with wealth and regal luxuries so the person is likely to enjoy prosperity and wealth. The strong energy makes the person powerful, both physically as well mentally. Such people are born talented and quite intelligent. They are well-versed in many arts and skilled in many fields. They know how to use their expertise and intellect effectively to their advantage.

There is a regal air to their persona. They tend to be very polite, and maintain modesty & a rich lifestyle. They usually serve the government or are dear to people of eminent rank. A lot of popularity and fame falls in their lap. They are also quite popular among people of opposite gender. Their life is usually free of miseries and grief. Health is also likely to be sound for people having Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter conjunction.

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