Read Your Own Horoscope: A Step-By-Step Tutorial to Vedic Astrology

Under the guidance of Pt. Punarvasu, Indastro has been serving astrology patrons since 2001. Backed by years of experience and unique insights from ancient books & sources that are 1500 to 5500 years old, this free Vedic astrology tutorial has been put together with an objective of helping people better their lives. These free lessons from Indastro will help you read your own horoscope. For which you must keep the following points in mind:

  • Go step by step. Until you have mastered one step, do not move to the next.
  • Do not just read, but apply these principles on your own horoscope
  • In the begining, just pay attention to just reading and analyzing a birth chart, rather can drafting one.
  • Go in the same order of lessons as is provided here.
  • Practice and more practice.

Sun-Moon-Mercury-Jupiter Conjunction - 4 Planet Conjunction

This is an auspicious conjunction since all the four planets are benefic in nature (unless it is not afflicted). When these four planets are conjunct in a house, the native often enjoys a lot of wealth and sound health. Such a person is physically stern, and virtuous in moral sense. Moreover, native having this conjunction also tend to be good-looking. When it comes to their physical charm, their eyes are usually their USP. They may also be inclined towards fields such as sculpting and metalwork.

Such people are also intelligent and wise. They have a confident persona and fearless attitude in life. Lady luck always showers her blessings upon them. They tend to earn a lot of acclaim and respect in society. The conjunction of Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter also awards the native with expertise in many art forms such as acting and music.