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Sun-Mars-Jupiter Conjunction - 3 Planet Conjunction

These three are fierce, masculine friendly planets thus when together in a house, they are highly influential. The native tends to enjoy a good financial and social status. This conjunction is often found in the horoscope of influential and high-ranking individuals. When Sun, Mars and Jupiter are housed together in a horoscope, the native earns a lot of wealth, fame, and respect in life. Such people live a prosperous life for the most part and do not have to work hard to make it big. Moreover, these natives tend to be very loyal and straightforward.

They have a way with words, their expression is backed by eloquence and power of persuasion. They can be aggressive at times, and also dominate others. They tend to get high positions involving leadership such as an Army official, judge or a political leader. An affliction or weak placement could bring the downfall of the person too.

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