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Sun-Moon-Mars Conjunction - 3 Planet Conjunction

When Moon, which is feminine, is together with Sun and Mars, two malefic masculine planets, the outcome is a little perplexing. Yet, this conjunction is thought to be an auspicious one in Vedic astrology, provided it is not afflicted. The person having Sun, Moon and Mars conjunction in horoscope tends to be a courageous and ambitious being. The influence of Sun and Mars together makes the person a warrior. Natives with this combination excel at what they do. Their patience level is high. Moreover, there are high chances that the native may choose to pursue a career in science.

The comulative energy of Sun and Mars makes the person very powerful, strong, confident and harsh in nature. The native becomes a destroyer or enemies and opposition. Such people make a good income throughout their life especially if the conjunction takes place in Ascendant or lagna. These natives tend to excel in fields such as machinery, imitation objects, sculpture, etc. Moon helps to tame down the fierceness and selfishness associated with Sun and Mars.

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