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Mercury-Jupiter-Venus Conjunction - 3 Planet Conjunction

This is a strong combination of three benefic planets in a house, thus it is likely to be very favorable for the native. When these three planets are conjoined in a house, the native is likely to pursue creative fields such as poetry. Such a person is usually skilled enough to excel in their area of interest. The person has sound knowledge of diverse sciences. To top it all, the conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus also gives wealth and fame to the native.

He or she gets a lot of acclaim and respect in society. Moreover, the person is blessed with a virtuous spouse and offspring. Such a person is also good looking and enjoys a sound health. They tend to be quite compassionate in nature too. However, if the conjunction falls in the 7th house, the person may struggle to accumulate wealth and encounter hurdles in domestic life. Gastric problems also strike people with this conjunction in house of partner.

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