Sun-Mercury-Saturn Conjunction - 3 Planet Conjunction

Sun-Mercury-Saturn Conjunction - 3 Planet Conjunction

Sun and Mercury are neutral towards each other. Saturn’s presence in the conjunction interferes with the natural development of Mercury which affords the person intellect and communication. This conjunction puts a lot of strain on one’s mind. Such a person is usually indecisive and cunning. Due to their eccentric behavior, they often face rejection from relatives and friends.

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Natives having Sun, Mercury and Saturn conjunction in their horoscope look physically attractive. But as they age, their charm dwindles a lot. This conjunction also makes the native a spendthrift. Such people waste their money over irrelevant things. Moreover, their character is marked by lack of moral sense and righteousness. Such people have more like eunuch like tendencies. Moreover, they have to depend upon others to fulfill their basic needs.


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Venus Ketu Conjunction

(Moon Sign Based)

The conjunction of Venus and Ketu indicates that Venus tends to become blinded by illusions caused in love relationships by Ketu. The illusions are so strong that one cannot see the real zest of events till it’s too late to rectify.

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Mercury Venus Conjunction

The conjunction of Venus-Mercury indicates that Mercury is the planet of intelligence and Venus is the planet of beauty and relationships. When Venus and Mercury are in conjunction this conjunction is very auspicious and beneficial as both planets represent traits like art, skills, music and romance with the ability to enhance each other’s lively energy and creativity. The conjunction of these two benefices can give you good earnings, success based on the strength of his/her creativity, intelligence and communication on both personal and professional hemisphere. All these characteristics are defined in your horoscope based on the strength of the Venus-Mercury conjunction.

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