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Moon-Mercury-Saturn Conjunction - 3 Planet Conjunction

Such an arrangement of planets in one house makes the native impatient and reckless. Nevertheless, people having the conjunction of Moon, Mercury and Saturn can be trusted. They also earn a lot of respect and recognition due to their intellectual achievements. They get plenty of opportunities to win awards too. They get a lot of wealth and recognition by authorities in life.

They tend to enjoy a respectable position in society. Their knowledge is certain fields such as zoology, psychic phenomena, and social work is exceptional. Their polite and sugarcoated speech helps them become a favorite. However, such a person is usually bereft of comforts that one expects from children. And if the conjunction is present in 4th or 6th house, the native may also have to face asthma or cardiac issues.

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Sun-Mercury-Saturn Conjunction - 3 Planet Conjunction

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