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Sun-Venus-Saturn Conjunction - 3 Planet Conjunction

Here, Venus which is a feminine benefic planet is under the affliction two malefic planets. This three planets conjunction is thus considered unfavorable for a native in Vedic astrology. Such people do not bear an upright character. Due to their attitude and actions, they may have to endure public defame too. They tend to be cunning, arrogant and a little harsh in nature. Natives having Sun, Venus and Saturn together in a house are often subject to pain-inducing illnesses.

They lack skills, grace, politeness, and morality. They are not really good with money management either. They tend to spend extravagantly, often beyond what their wallet allows. Their marital life is often turbulent due to these reasons, and also because the native has a tendency to be disloyal. Some health issues may also persist such as skin problems and cardiac issues.

Love Horoscope

Intuitive Love & Marriage astrology readings that would guide your path towards your soul mate & destined life partner. Love match reading to find the correct partner.

What will my life partner be like?

Body type, broad looks, profession, outdoors / indoors person, sex orientation, caring or indifferent & other clues.

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Which Zodiac Are The Most Difficult To Love

‘Love isn’t complicated, People are!’ Well, that stands true in the real world for sure. Each one of us has a combination of both...

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Love Transit Reading

Minute scan of planet transit on your love life. Be ready for new love possibility or fights before they take place...

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Marriage Astrology Reading

Description of spouse, timing, international, happiness or denial, profession, children, soulmate, friend or guide..

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Mahadasha of Venus & Marriage

Venus is sensuous, love, beauty, exotic? No wonder love & marriages emerges during dasa of Venus…

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