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New year signifies new hopes & development. Year 2018 represents this thought of hope & change in true sense as many life changing trends are on the cards in the coming twelve months. Some key planets will  change positions occupying more significant location in your birth chart. It would help activate specific sectors in your horoscope. As your chart undergoes dasa changes in the New Year, you will start experiencing the results in your life.

What is different about 2018?

With the change of year, there would be a subsequent change in the configuration of the transiting planets in your horoscope affecting different & new sectors of your life. This would lead to combinations & permutations which were not present in the previous years. For instance, Jupiter the Guru Planet would make a move into Scorpio, the mystery sign in the second half of the year 2018 before which it will give the results from Libra sign. Mars, the planet of action & aggression would be transiting backwards during June to August period, casting a very different effect. These are some of the trigger points of change in your life over the next twelve months.

2018 Horoscope - A snapshot of life as it would be in the New Year
Under the guidance of Pt. Punarvasu, your personalized 2018 Horoscope report is prepared on your birth details.The report is drafted after a thorough analysis of transiting planets, planetary combinations and dasa changes on your Moon Sign & Ascendant for the next twelve months. Your report would include:

•    Year 2018 overview & detailed forecast
•    Development in Career & finances
•    Development in love & marriage
•    Trends in family life & health
•    Year 2018 month wise for you

You can ask for your personalized report before the New Year rush kicks in to get the quality report in time.

2018 Horoscope Report

2018 Horoscope Report

USD 39 / Rs.2145

2018 Horoscope with lucky dates

2018 Horoscope with lucky dates

USD 55 / Rs.3025

Your first Horoscope Analysis for

  • Deciphering your nature & explanation of who you are & how you think
  • Interpretation & analysis of all 9 planets upon you.
  • Crucial clues to your Career, Relationship & Money
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