2019 - the defining year!

2019 - the defining year!

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2019 is slated to be the year that will leave you with good & bad memories both. Every decade there is one such year that is ever etched in the memories for all sorts of reasons. 2019 is going to be one such year. It will make into history like the years of 1989, 2001 and 2008. 2019 is lined up with planetary transit patterns similar to these years. 

How & what will change:
The life will be affected by the macro trends around you and would have a certain bearing on your professional & work life. Which, in turn will lead to changes in the personal life matters as well. This is indicated by some unique transits of 2019. Saturn would continue its movement in Sagittarius where it will have Ketu for company from March 2019. This will be the period to be watched. Jupiter the other benefactor planet would move rapidly and in an accelerated motion will touch Sagittarius - an unusual phenomenon in itself. Rahu & Ketu enter Gemini & Sagittarius respectively.  

With the change of year, there would be a change in the configuration of the transiting planets in your horoscope activating different & new sectors of your life. This would lead to new combinations & permutations in your horoscope. For instance, Rahu & Ketu will change sign in 2019. This would change the Rahu-Ketu Axis in your horoscope, making way for some key developments. These are some of the trigger points of change in your life over the next twelve months.

2019 Horoscope - The snapshot of life as it would be in the New Year
Under the guidance of Pt. Punarvasu, your horoscope will be interpreted to provide you the readings for 2019. This will be a composite result of analysis of the transiting planets, planetary combinations and dasa changes on your Moon Sign & Ascendant for the next twelve months. Your reading would be on the lines of:

•   Year 2019 overview & detailed forecast for you
•   Developments in Career & finances
•   Trends in love & marriage
•   Family life & health pattern
•   Year 2019 month wise for you

You can ask for your personalized report before the New Year rush kicks in to get a quality report in time.

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