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2018 Detailed Composite Astrology
2018 Detailed Composite Astrology, as the name suggests is a strong amalgamation & concentrate of around 6 reports put together. It offers an all comprehensive reading for the New Year. It is prepared taking into account:

1.    D2 hora chart reading for wealth
2.    D9 Navamsa chart reading for marriage & love
3.    D10 Dasamsa chart reading for career
4.    2018 dasa analysis
5.    2018 planetary transits & combinations
6.    2018 Comprehensive reading for all major aspects of life

Let’s briefly understand the above 6 facets of your horoscope that would be deeply analyzed to come up with your 2018 Detailed Composite Astrology report:
  • D2 hora chart: D2 is a sub-divisional chart that would provide you with a deeper analysis of your financial potential in 2018. This will interpret solely the results of your luck, earning potential, investments & how well you control your expenses & wealth destroying tendencies in 2018.
  • D9 chart: Your D9 chart will assess the correct description, level of your mental & physical compatibility in relationships, reasons for success / failures in love and will accurately time the events that would take place in your love / married life in 2018.
  • D10 chart: The D10 chart will hold the real strength of your professional potential & level of success in career you would achieve in 2018.
  • Dasa Analysis: Dasa change is behind every major new event in your life in 2018. Here we will include the number of dasa & sub dasa changes which your horoscope would undergo in the New Year and what changes would that lead to in your life in 2018.
  • Planetary Transits & combinations: Your horoscope would be analysed for combination of planets that forms in any sector of chart in 2018. Their combined result will be listed in 2018 Composite Astrology report.
  • 2018 Comprehensive reading: Detailed quarterly outcomes & events in career, love, marriage, health pattern, wealth & finances would be covered in your 2018 Composite Astrology report.
Why you should go for 2018 Composite Astrology Reading?
2018 Composite Astrology reading prepared by Pt. Punarvasu will by far be the most superior reading for visibility into your life in 2018. It could also throw up some unexpected events you had never imagined!

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  • Deciphering your nature & explanation of who you are & how you think
  • Interpretation & analysis of all 9 planets upon you.
  • Crucial clues to your Career, Relationship & Money
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