Scorpio Money Horoscope - April 2017

Scorpio Money

While cash flow would be good, your efforts may fall short. You would need to work a bit more enthusiastically to get desired financial growth this month. Expect decent progress if you are into fields as politics, leadership, government, finance, advertising, astrology, science, and research.

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This seems to be an uplifting month in terms of finances. If you have previously invested in government sector, expect positive returns around this time. Foreign associations would gain steam and bring in monetary rewards. There would be sufficient income and gains to cover your expenses. Financial help could come from your father too. Material gains from spouse would also give a boost to your financial standing this month. You would become a lot more judicious and intellectual in money matters now. Your clever approach would help pay off outstanding debt and recover money from the market.

Now is the time if you were thinking to apply for or clear a loan for once and all. Lady fortune seems to be by your side. If you are desirous of a luxurious lifestyle, its realization could eat up a huge chunk of your budget this month. Luxury furnishings and statement pieces would appeal to your fancy but think of how useful something is than how attractive it looks. Avoiding disputes and arguments would be good; else, settlement would lead to more expenses.

In terms of investments, get-rich-quick schemes would rather backfire. Think for the long haul and look at the bigger picture. Long-term investment options in share market, real estate etc. done now could be highly lucrative at a later stage.