Saturn Retrograde and Fall Back in Capricorn
(5th June 2022 to 17th January 2023)

Saturn Retrograde and Fall Back in Capricorn

Saturn, the lord of hard work, discipline and justice will move backwards from 5 June 2022 in Aquarius and fall back in Capricorn on 12 July and stay there till 17 January 2023.


Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

During its retrograde journey in Aquarius, Saturn will give different results to different people depending on the house in which it occurs. This period may cause events which can be positive or negative, as per Saturn’s placement.

Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius (from 5 June 2022) may bring many changes and make you evolve at the personal front too. This is the time to re-evaluate and re-assess your decisions. Focus on your health and approach your finances more sensibly to bring stability. 


Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn

During its journey in Capricorn, Saturn will pass through two phases: One is in retrograde motion and then in direct/progressive motion. In these phases it will assume different combinations with other planets and give results accordingly.

Saturn will enter Capricorn in retrograde motion on 12 July 2022 and will stay there till 23 October 2022. The period will require you to be focused and sensible towards life; there may not be any scope for being relaxed and negligent. Be more spirited and disciplined towards all facets of life and reorient your approach. Reworking your targets may become pertinent at this juncture as times have changed now and you need to align yourself to be in synergy with the changes. This period desires your faith and truthfulness in whatever you engage with. Stay clam and composed; just stick to your path with hard work and surely your goals will be within your reach.  


Saturn in Direct Motion

Saturn will become direct in Capricorn from 23 October 2022 to 17 January 2023. This phase will see your had work bring good and expected returns. The challenging time may gradually lower its impact on your activities and let you go out of its grip. Sailing may become slightly smoother; however, your continued efforts may still be required. Gains will slowly start flowing in for you as the journey of Saturn continues in direct motion.  


Saturn’s journey through Nakshatra

Saturn will travel through Dhanishtha Nakshatra in Capricorn from February 2022 to 14 March 2023. Dhanishtha is the Nakshatra of Mars, the energy and passion of Mars blend with Saturn’s cold and dryness, hence, you will need to balance the enthusiasm and passion of Mars with the discipline and calmness of Saturn.


Effect of Saturn’s transit on all Ascendant signs

Aries: This phase will bring you good opportunities for growth in career, there may even be a promotion at work. However, added responsibilities are also possible along with stress at work from seniors. You will get numerous opportunities to enhance your wealth, increase your savings and purchase new property. You will develop a happy and loving bond with your spouse; there will be mutual support and you may spend quality time together. However, there is a need to control your anger and aggression as it may turn things sour in your personal and professional life. You may have some issues vis-à-vis financial investments if they are not planned in the correct period or phase.

Taurus: There may be opportunities for sorting out the critical issues that you have been facing in your personal and professional life. This phase may facilitate immense knowledge, which may bring you wisdom and purity of heart. You may get the chance to go on a pilgrimage and cleanse your body and mind. On the professional front, a project that was not progressing till now may come back on track and start to perform as per your expectations, bringing good results. However, there might be some tense moments at work and results may be delayed. There may also be misinterpretation of your words that may bring some stress in your relationships, on both professional as well as personal fronts.  


Gemini: You will see growth and success, but with some challenges and obstacles. You may get to study the subject of your choice and clear a competitive exam to be in a career of your choice. Especially, if you are interested in research, this will be a favorable period. You may also create abundant wealth for yourself and your near and dear ones, which will bring support and stability to your financial status. There will be prosperity in life; standard of living may also get a boost. However, be careful about your health. You or one of your relatives may face some issues: There may be an injury or an accident. Love birds are likely to face some challenges due to lack of trust and understanding. Being clam and patient would help you to keep the relationship intact. You must be mentally ready for any change.

Cancer: Opportunities may come your way to review the path that you may have chosen for yourself - if it is right for you or does it require some fine tuning to be done. A better assessment of tasks and responsibilities undertaken by you may be done in this phase so that you may be in a position to align your efforts and channelize your energy in the desired direction for better outcomes. Progress in some fields may not be as expected, which may cause frustration. There may be some unexpected hurdles in life that may pose a threat for you in terms of progress in crucial facets such as career, finance and relationships.

Leo: This phase may bring you opportunities related to career growth. You may occupy a position of authority or power and may be able to execute your plans and project your capability. There will also be many opportunities for spiritual growth and you will be involved in charity and serving people. This position of Saturn may bring you opportunities from overseas and growth in foreign land. However, you will see hard competition in all areas of life and there will be misunderstandings with people around you. Your health will be a matter of concern. Try to be punctual, disciplined and plan properly any project. Anxiety would increase negativity and irritation in you.

Virgo: There will be many opportunities for you to share a good relationship with your children and look after their needs. They would also be looking up to you for their educational needs. You may indulge in activities related to seeking the right options for you to pursue in life and this will be the best period to do so. Your creative skills may find ways and means of adding meaning and some attraction to the actions that you tend to undertake, and this would motivate you more for the same. For those thinking of parenthood, you may face some issues. There may be emotional outbursts; take extra care as you need to hold back and not get carried away.

Libra: You may acquire some property near your native place and may have plans of shifting there. There may be opportunities for closer bonding with your mother. Saturn may bring opportunities for you to accumulate wealth and increase your comforts and luxuries to lead a rich and comfortable life. But, though there may be immense accumulation of wealth, you may also indulge in huge expenditures, which may at times put you in tricky situations. This may also result in losses vis-à-vis property deals. You may be emotionally very fragile during this phase and take decisions under the influence of your emotions, which may put you in trouble. This transit may place your marital relationship at a very fragile juncture; hence you need to be very careful.

Scorpio: You may get the chance to develop your skills and improve your personality, that may bring good gains for you. This will, in turn, enhance your dedication towards your work, bringing good results due to your efforts. You may undertake journeys that may turn out beneficial for you and bring you gains. However, on the flip side, challenges at work may disturb you mentally and this in turn may shift your focus from work to other mundane activities. You may come across as serious, aloof and secluded that may cause a rift between you and the people close to you. There may even be some health issues related to your respiratory system.

Sagittarius: There may be ample opportunities for accumulating wealth in this phase, which will stabilize your financial state and give you a leverage to fulfil all your pending tasks, which were held back for want of financial support. There may be delays in growing your wealth, but it is sure to happen. There may be opportunities for you to value old traditions and beliefs since this period will develop such tendencies in your personality. You may also travel on work, develop new business contacts there, establish new business ventures or, if in a job, then you may work on some foreign assignment that will bring you benefits. However, nothing will come easy for you, which may cause mental discomfort.

Capricorn: You may get opportunities to introspect about yourself and understand your inner self in a much better way, such that based on this you may modify your personality to avoid conflicts between your actions and inner voice. You will be a little slow at work, but positive aspect of Saturn will help you achieve growth and stability. However, mood swings and emotional outbreaks may pose some challenges and hurdles in the smooth progress of your routine activities, be it professional or personal life, or love matters.

Aquarius: There may be opportunities to scale heights in your career. You may pursue a career related to spirituality and spread good deeds among people you know. Your inclinations towards knowledge and education may prompt you to pursue higher studies. You may get opportunities to develop creative and artistic skills, which may make you pursue a career in this field. Gains from the government are also possible. However, you may face some challenges in your job and there are chances of delays in getting a new job. You may even change your job due to some pressure in the present job. Saturn may also create circumstances where your image may get tarnished. Some health issues may trouble you during this phase, which may take time to cure despite proper care and treatment.

Pisces: Saturn may make you creative and innovative; a skill that you may use to bring out new concepts and ideas that will lead to better performance in all related fields. You may do well in the performing arts like singing, dramatics, writing or painting. This would bring you name, fame and a prominent place in the social circles. Also, your behaviour may have an aura of mystery. Saturn also brings proficient leadership skills to you. There may be opportunities to develop new contacts and connections in your personal and professional circles, that will bring good gains in the long run. If you are involved with the government, there may be hurdles and obstacles in getting your tasks done. You may also not get appreciation for your work, or your image may get affected. There may be expenditures or losses in investments that would create an imbalance in your financial state.