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Libra Money Horoscope

Libra Money
In money matters, you would do what you are best at - maintain a perfect balance. This month could be particularly promising for nursing, interior, metal, surgery, construction, transport, travel, culinary, or fishing industry. Fortune would be by your side and your efforts & decisions would bring lucrative rewards.

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Income would be sufficient and profits would ring in from past investments too. You may borrow money to travel abroad or to fulfill your spiritual ambitions. In terms of new investments, now is not the time to gamble in real estate or speculation. There could be losses indeed, if you still proceed. Spouse would earn sufficiently. You could rather invest in your spouse’s ventures this month. The period after 13th April is favorable if you wish to apply for a life insurance policy. Nonetheless, you should tread carefully when it comes to any kind of investments.

Spending on friends & family would increase which you might want to curtail to some extent to avert financial issues. You may also incur some tax deductions this month. In terms of disputes and litigation, this is more a time of resolution than revolution. Settlement of a pending court case would bring much respite; however, keep in mind that it would take some compromise and negotiation for it to happen. You may also have to shed some extra cash to bury the matter for once and all. If someone borrowed money from you lately, you would likely get it back now. Overall, things would be much better on the financial front, provided you check your expenses.