Leo Career Horoscope - March 2017

Leo Career

You would invest serious efforts into career elevation but expect some challenges too. This isn’t the best time to start or expand a business as there could be hurdles and repetitions. You would change your plans frequently this month but you would also work harder. You would become very competitive at the workplace.
  • Career would likely see a high level of activity as Saturn transits in Sagittarius and further dips back into Scorpio. Brace yourself for some unexpected changes, ask for your Career Transit Reading!

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Your interest in occult research would increase after 14th March whereupon you would try to gain in-depth knowledge in this field. Business partnerships require a cautious approach as there could be some dispute or deception. Subordinates would be very supportive nonetheless. Changing job at this point could trigger tension so better be stable. There are chances of promotion or increment after 27th March so continue giving your best. Colleagues would also render full support during this month.

This month, progress would be seen in the fields like photography, hospitality, teaching, counselling and creative industries. Your family would play a key role in creating new opportunities for your career growth. You would be very hard working indeed so would likely get success with continued efforts. In fact, you may be overly cautious in your ways at times, which nonetheless is the best course of action and approach for the month. If you are an employer, maintaining a good relationship with your workforce would certainly work in your favor as your employees would offer a lot of support when needed.