Gemini Money Horoscope

Gemini Money
Money would roll in from multiple sources this month, and all through your own efforts. You seem to be taking money very seriously now and may be taking some important financial decisions this month. Government related activities could be highly rewarding financially. Expect decent profit if you are into business too. Foreign association would also be rewarding in monetary terms. You would be able to clear off outstanding debts this month, which would increase your level of satisfaction. Earning from land or property through lease or sale is possible as well. A lottery or positive returns from speculative investments may also give a financial push. Now is the time to plough your money into real estate market. Go and buy your dream house!

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You may also plan to redo your place this month. Just beware of the expenses it involves. You may end up spending heavily on luxury furnishings and material comforts. Some creative pursuits may also eat up a bit of your budget. You may plan to invest to execute or expand business ideas this month. Expenses would increase but none would leave you in a cash-stripped state, as inflow of money would be sufficient. Expenses will shoot up, but so will income. Hopefully, there would be a nice balance between the two. You may however still want to keep a tab on your health-related expenses.