Capricorn Money Horoscope - April 2017

Capricorn Money

April 2017 seems to be a positive month for finances. However, the swing of income and expenditure shows some imbalance during this period. This indeed is a period to save for the rainy days. Unnecessary expenditure could disrupt the financial bliss time and again so better curb your urge to splurge. Some of the expenses would be unavoidable like health treatment of mother or spouse. But you may also spend excessively on your children’s entertainment. Extravagance on luxury items would also increase at the same time.

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You would become overly generous this month and may practice a lot of charity too. Despite having financial pressure, you would spare no effort to help others. This is rather the time to be a bit prudent and not throw money around. Don’t spend it just because you have it. If you feel like spending, consider investing in long-term speculative investment options.

Having said that, cash inflow would be pretty decent this month. You need to capitalize on income opportunities and look for sources that could be lucrative. You could look for part time work or turn your creative hobby into your profession around this time. A job that involves a lot of travel or research would also be financially rewarding.

You would also be able to get loan approval if looking to buy a property. Siblings and friends would help you come out of financial troubles if any. You may also get ancestral property unexpectedly. Overall, this seems to be a promising period for money.