Cancer Career Horoscope - March 2017

Cancer Career

Your ambitions and dreams would get fulfilled this month. You are likely to make efforts towards starting something of your own. You want to work independently and be your own boss. You as a boss would be perceived as just and admirable. And as an employee as well, you would be considered as valuable asset to the company. You might try to change your job this month but beware, this isn’t the best time. Seniors may breathe down your neck and expect more so this is certainly the time to work harder. Aggression and ego could get in the way of career progress and work life. Salary raise is possible but you need to raise the bar. Colleagues would have a fluctuating attitude towards you.
  • Career would likely see a high level of activity as Saturn transits in Sagittarius and further dips back into Scorpio. Brace yourself for some unexpected changes, ask for your Career Transit Reading!

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This is nonetheless a progressive month for the areas and works related with army, medicine, cooking, restaurant and sports. During the month, you can certainly count upon your friends for they would present some good opportunities in terms of career progress. Your short-temperedness and tendency to procrastinate could ruin these prospects though. This is the time to kick lethargy and work harder. Luck would certainly support you if you put in your best efforts so do not expect things to fall in place automatically. You have to make a serious effort. You should also maintain a good relationship with colleagues to have a smooth time at work.