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What is Wealth Code?

Some key celestial changes are going to make 2018 truly an exceptional year. The benevolent Jupiter - which is also the planet of ‘wealth’, will transit in Libra and from here will move into Scorpio around October. Much before that Saturn had moved into Sagittarius from Scorpio and Rahu, the dragon’s head had entered Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn. The composite effect of such major cosmic shifts will manifest into a time when the Wealth Code 2018 or the time of being ‘at the right place at the right time’ and of getting you real opportunities of making money, gets activated. Now one will be in a position to instinctively consolidate upon the opportunities and do the right things to acquire material well being.

Considerations for maximum financial gain

At the same time, the past Karmic trends will also be operative during the Saturn retrograde motion in 2018. One needs to weigh carefully any key financial decisions like investments, change of job and starting of new project work before taking a plunge. During this phase, if one could find the right path and stand up to the challenges thrown by the retrograde & exalted planets, benefits will be there.

Thus, to be able to achieve monetarily, the advance knowledge of the methods to adopt / avoid and when to use them will make the difference in 2018. The exclusive 2018 Wealth code Report would be most handy for these vital clues. It will analyze the aspect of Jupiter on Moon, placement of planets in 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 11th house as well as the current dasa.

What to expect from 2018 Wealth Code Report:

  • It will encapsulate the time periods when the Wealth Code will be operative and will manifest in form of monetary gains from trading, inheritance, real estate, career, business, investment or a foreign assignment in 2018. It will help you devise financial strategy for the year.
  • It shall also predict specific time periods and phases during the next 12 months when you will make money through earned methods - business & job increment and unearned methods - investments etc.
  • It will cover both the financially challenging & lucky periods.
  • Also covered would be the predictions on methods on what you need to focus on and which ones to strictly avoid, making it a very comprehensive wealth accrual formula for 2018.

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