Saturn in Capricorn untill 2023 - How your life changes

Saturn in Capricorn untill 2023 - How your life changes

On 24th January 2020, the most fundamental transit in your horoscope is taking place. It is an opportunity to revamp our destiny, as Saturn moves to its place of strength into the sign of Capricorn from Sagittarius. Capricorn is the zodiac that Saturn considers its own. In Capricorn, Saturn feels free to do its best in the sector of your horoscope for the coming 2 & ½ to 3 years it will stay here for.

Alongside this, it is exiting Sagittarius in your horoscope & thus free-up the natural fortune zone and natural fortune planet Jupiter of its constrictive negative energy. And in the process, it is also coming out of the orbit of Ketu, the dragon’s tail as well. This Saturn is truly turning positive making in a time when you can renovate and re decorate your life.

The coming years will have Jupiter, Saturn as well as Ketu in strength to augur good times ahead. You would find the projects and situations that were obstructed and stalled will move now, especially during summer months of March to June when Jupiter will briefly join Saturn in Capricorn adding luck to efforts and foundations laid out.

Saturn in Capricorn:

Capricorn denotes foundation & planning. Saturn in Capricorn wants you to own up the difficulty levels & work your way around the challenges. It would reward you tremendously by creating a beautiful world in the years to come. In the last two cycles , if you can revive your memory of 30 year and 60 year back, definitive changes had occurred around the world and a new world order was created. This time again, expect major happenings in the world around you and in your life which will lay the foundation of development & modifications in the way the life is structured. 

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Saturn Fortune & Karma Reading would cover:
  • the best periods & methods of succeeding in the coming 3 years
  • There would be the inclusion of the periods of caution so that you don't run into the face of adversity.
  • Results of the upcoming transit of Saturn in relation to your birth chart & all related planets.
  • Dates & periods for success & caution will be marked for you.
  • Windows of opportunities in the coming period, if found in your case.
  • Specific remedies will be covered in this Saturn reading to help you mitigate the hurdles to a large extent, as & when they come up.
  • You can also ask ONE specific question with the reading
  • You could opt for part with the lucky dates.

Saturn Fortune & Karma Reading

Changes brought about in your life by the transiting Saturn 

Saturn Fortune & Karma Reading + Lucky Dates

How your life changes with transiting Saturn, along with lucky dates.

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