Saturn Karma reading

Saturn Karma reading

Saturn's direct transit in Sagittarius

Of all the 9 planets, Saturn is the slowest planet and takes the longest time of 2&1/2 years to transit over one sign. During this time, it seems to go reverse or retrograde for nearly 5 months before turning direct. Saturn has resumed its direct movement from September 6 this year in the sign of Sagittarius having moved in retrograde motion till then. This would lead to release of your pressure points and stress areas which Saturn had created while moving retrograde. Saturn points to the themes of your life which need reworking, more discipline and efforts from your end. Turning direct, it is known to reward you richly having gone through the hard times and learnt the karmic lessons of your life.   

What to expect as Saturn moves direct in Sagittarius

Saturn is one planet that gets stronger as its grows degree wise in a zodiac sign. This direct movement of Saturn indicates the revival of opportunities at work and business area. New projects which were withheld or even stalled would make good progress now. Anything new like the new projects, shift of residence, major investments should fructify given the strength of Saturn in your chart.

Why you would need Saturn Karma Reading

The upcoming period is going to be key to finding many clues which point towards your future and decisions on some crucial new events that unfold would need to be taken during this period. That’s because Saturn is our Karma and destiny planet. This report will cover the specific areas and predictions of this transit that would affect you, along with suggestions on the choices to make & how to optimize the results of moving Saturn.

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Saturn Karma


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