Saturn Career & Finance Sade Sate Reading

Saturn Career & Finance Sade Sate Reading

Of all the 9 planets, Saturn is the slowest planet and takes the longest time of 2&1/2 years to transit over one sign. Saturn had moved to Capricorn from Sagittarius on 24th January 2020. This had led to the release of pressure points and stress areas which Saturn had created while moving in Sagittarius for some of us.

For others, it has created alarming bells. Saturn points to the theme of your life which need reworking, more discipline and efforts from your end. It is known to reward you richly having gone through the hard times and learnt the karmic lessons of your life. This learning happens during the trio position of Saturn as described below:   

Saturn Sade Sati - the trio positions
For you, undergoing Saturn's trio period - of Saturn's transit in one sign before your Moon, then over your Moon and the sign next to your Moon is a long period of 7 and a half year. This period needs a detailed analysis of results to be expected. This is because Saturn is known to depress the key significations of Moon - namely - wealth & happiness. But this period with varying degrees of depressive tendencies and stagnancy can be handled better by practicing Saturn remedies and prior knowledge of events.  

Apart from these 7.5 years, there are two more positions of Saturn as reckoned from the natal Moon, which also press the warning button. These are 4th house transit - also called kantaka Shani and the 8th house transit - also known as the Ashtama Shani.

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Why Saturn Career & Finance Sade Sati Reading?

The upcoming period is going to be key to finding many clues which point towards your future and decisions on some crucial new events that unfold would need to be taken during this period. That’s because Saturn is your karma and destiny planet. This report will cover the specific areas and predictions of this transit that would affect you, along with suggestions. 

Saturn Career & Finance Sade Sati reading

Saturn Sade Sati Reading

Saturn Career & Finance Sade Sati reading + Dates

Saturn Sade Sati with dates

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