Planetary Combinations & their Significance

Planetary Combinations & their Significance

Planetary Combinations & Fusion

Quite often, a horoscope per se may not look very promising, if the key planets are not well placed. But many other factors must be studied before concluding about the fortune of the native. For instance the association of planets with each other. The most significant association is the combination of planets in the same house. An individual planet when sits together with another planet, it gives off completely different, usually very powerful and enhanced effects.

For instance, Jupiter is the wisdom to grow. Mars is the raw power behind a successful person. When these two forces - Jupiter & Mars combine, their resultant energy grants focus, sharp intellect and assertiveness to the native. Similarly, the Venus-Mercury combination can bring in a rare creative & artistic ability as an instinct, grants a high level of success & recognition for the native.

Planets' combined strength & benefits:

Only a few chosen ones among us are blessed with such lucky combinations in their horoscopes. The combination of Jupiter & Mars infuses a strong will power, a go-getter attitude, practicality and the gumption to take calculated risks guided by Jupiter. If you have this combination in your chart, fearlessness and grit define your actions. Your helping demeanor makes you lucky and famous at some point in life. Mother Teresa had this combination in her chart. The grit & resolve of Angelina Jolie is attributed to Jupiter-Mars in her horoscope. Take the case of Moon-Venus combination. The native is blessed with all kinds of luxuries, with a strong combination like this, he attains fame and popularity and makes riches.

Special Reading

The Planet Combination & Fortune reading will bring out the strength of such great combinations in the chart. It will elucidate the results and when they will help you achieve your goals on wealth and happiness, name & fame. Suggestions on pitfalls to avoid and remedies to optimize the good effects and how to reach your financial goal will be covered in this special reading.

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