Mercury Transit in Virgo

Mercury Transit in Virgo

Effects of exalted Mercury from September

Planet Mercury, the boss of communication & mental processes is all set to get exalted as it moves in the sign of Virgo from Leo on 6th October. Mercury rules over how you digest information and convey it to others. It clouts your social style, friendship, relationship & how you plug into the conversations.

Being the lord of Virgo, Mercury’s effects would be the strongest during this transit and would continue till 6th October 2019. It would greatly affect your communication skills, analytical abilities, and intellect. As it sets to get exalted at 15 degrees in the Hasta constellation in Virgo. Further, Sun will breeze in Virgo on 17th September and will transit till 17th October. Sun and Mercury will be in close conjunction with each other in Virgo till October 6 and such a planetary combination during the transit awakens the hidden talent & is greatly helpful in work and professional life.

Mercury’s transit into Virgo would be congenial for most of the signs. From the dominant & aggressive Leo , it is moving into the earthy Virgo. This transit brings along brilliant opportunities as well as challenges for those stuck in work due to lack of communication. With the entry of Mercury in Virgo, there would be a penchant to be in motion & get chatty.

The Exalted Mercury is the opportune time to find out how the transit effects would help you in your business, career & personal matters. You can request for your Career Transit Reading & Love Transit Reading too for a detailed & thorough analysis.

Below are the generic results & effects of Mercury in Virgo on the 12 Moon Signs.

Aries natives, your lord Mars & Mercury have never been on great terms due to which in recent transit you might have to bear some consequences. When Mercury was in Leo sign, you enjoyed great mental strength & achieved great success with your intellect. You had a gratifying time amid family & friends. Your life was hip & happening.
With Mercury’s transit into Virgo, you might have to suffer some ailment. But Mercury would give you the strength to fight it. You would be curious to acquire knowledge by reading. Knowledge acquired during this transition would help to gain recognition at work & acquire some wealth. Your relations with younger siblings would improve which would bring prosperity.

Taurus, when Mercury was in Leo sign you relished personal & professional ecstasy. You were showered with better career opportunities & people who switched their career fared well due to the creative Leo.
In the recent transit, you might have to jump over some stumbling blocks before you succeed. There would be some differences & arguments between couples, so take care. There is a probability that you would get tempted to try new hobbies which might impede your flow of income. You may make some new pals but unable to communicate effectively, they would disappear from your life soon.

From Leo sign, Mercury arrives in its exaltation sign, Virgo. The skills you developed and enhanced during the last transit would be availed now. Now, is the time to weave some colorful stories & drive fast to accumulate wealth & other fruits. You might get a chance to connect with foreign parties for both personal & professional reasons. Your mother would do well in her job & get the due reorganization. It is a good time to redecorate your home & rekindle the flow of energy. During this time, you would get very calculative & try to manage your expanses.

During the last transit you had your “support squad” right by your side through thick & in. You became highly influential & were successful in manipulating others with your exquisite word play. You well played feelings like facts to achieve success.
With this Mercury Transit, you would face some unknown fears - may be a face-off with the ghosts of your past. You would be low on self esteem & confidence. Words would entangle you in conflicts with your siblings.  There are chances of losing some wealth & you would observe your “support squad” backing off. You would understand the importance of close friendship & develop few new bonds. Visiting holy places & meditation would be helpful for mental & physical well being.

You had great dose of Vitamin F (fun) when Mercury was transiting your sign. Your personality enhanced & improved your social status. You would have spent myriad resources to stay tuned with the vogue. It helped you to get reorganization in society for your bold personality & flamboyant style.
Time to get lucky again! You could gain monetarily during this period. You would receive swank gifts from family & relatives. If you are perusing higher education, there are chances of achieving great heights. Good business deals might come through your elder sibling. Try to learn a new language now. 

You didn’t do that well when Mercury was in the fiercely protective sign Leo. Did you also feel homesick as you had to travel to remote places for work. Increase of expenses bothered you & became a cause of worry. You felt emotionally low & physically weak. This was a stressful & nerve racking phase but it’s not all over yet.
Mercury is in its home sign now. It is best to mend your ways otherwise troublesome time ahead. Don’t be too emotional while taking decisions. You need to enroot the habit of thinking straight & rationally. Mind you words to avoid unnecessary problems. Illegal & immoral actions could take you to court. You might feel lethargic & bothered when asked to travel. There are chances of financial loss if not managed properly. Relations with family & relatives might get constrained.

You enjoyed financial opulence when Mercury was in Leo sign. You would have risen in your job and would have made new connections in business. You felt enlightened & used it to gain professional success.
Mercury’s transition in Virgo sign would be hectic for you. You need to take care of your health and well being now and avoid mental stress. Some tough decisions and time could be seen in business matters. Take good care of your health & education during this Mercury transit.

If you suffered work related problems during the Mercury transit in Leo, things would start changing as Mercury moves in Virgo. You would gain social recognition & move ahead career-wise with new job titles. The monetary gains could come in form of job incentives. Health would get better & long-term ailment would start getting cured. There are chances of get together at home which would bring friends & family closer. Happier times ahead so try to rejuvenate yourself by pursuing new hobbies.

The last mercury transit in Leo sign was favorable for you. Mercury’s transit in Virgo would further fill you with positive vibes. You would win over your enemies & accomplish success in your endeavors. You would be mentally at peace & enjoy a sense of harmony in life & relationships. You would be involved in charitable & social deeds. Your business would expand multifold & give you opportunity to introduce new segments into it.

Health related problems of a family members or loss of wealth kept you low on energy during the last transit of Mercury in Leo. In the recent transit, you might face some obstacles in achieving your goals. The disturbances would take you away from the spiritual path due to loss of faith. There are chances you would lose money & projects despite all the hard-work & efforts. You should avoid travelling to far off places because chances of accident are quite prominent. Maintain harmonious relations with your family members to prevent disputes & debates. Avoid over-explaining & arguments at work because it could backfire & put you in a very compromising situation. Faith in God & practicing spirituality would be helpful.

When Mercury was in Leo, life was at chill mode for you. Your love life was sorted, you did well in business and at work. Mercury continue to favor you while in Virgo sign. Your life would be full of comforts & luxuries. You would be in happy & joyous mood. You would be a bit dominating in nature & even with little hard-work can excel in any project you lay your hands on. This is a very rewarding & gratifying period for you. You would soar high on the social & financial ladder.

As Mercury transits Virgo, you might feel low on energy & face some health issues. You might prefer solitude over company and this thing might lead to problems with partner. You should think before you speak, because during this time your words are both mighty & prickly like sword. Your business might suffer due to some government related restrictions or paper work. You may face huge financial loses, so it is advisable to be vigilant in money matters. Due to professional tribulations, you might get frustrated & perturb the relationship with friends & family.

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