Mars retrograding & getting closer to earth

The retrograde planets produce sharp results, which could be anything but not very pronounced. Retrogression refers to the backward movement of planet. For some key planets, the effects are particularly strong when they come in square or form a trine with another strong planet or are transiting in a particular sign. Their results gets further intensified as they get closer to earth.

Mars entered into a retrograde motion on April 17, 2016 in the sign of Scorpio. Mars retrogrades once every two years for a period of 75 days approximately. This is the phase of our life which asks us to check on our utterances, responses to situations and behavioral instincts. That’s because Mars is an angry, aggressive and a hot planet that makes people go aggressive, react overtly, take wrong impulsive decisions in haste. Further around 30th May, 2016, Mars gets closest to earth and can even be seen with naked eyes. Mars closeness to earth means that its energy and influences will be greater than ever.

Effects of close proximity of Mars to earth

Astrologically, it will intensify the aggressive and impulsive tendencies of the planet Mars. Leading to rise in intolerance, rush of blood and aggressive behavior at micro level and could lead to natural calamities like earth quakes, fire accidents & unnatural heat conditions on a mundane level. Further such a close proximity of Mars to earth would raise tempers, crime rates.  Injuries may go up & rationality sadly, goes down.

The retrograding Mars, that's getting closer to earth  could manifest its charged up energy in form of unnecessary fights like picking up arguments with seniors at work place when otherwise you would go controlled. It could even cause unnecessary and avoidable rifts in relationships and break ups. Mars could turn very strong and extremely unreliable now. It could act like a high speeding vehicle which runs the risk of going turtle on suddenly entering an undulating terrain from an 8-lane highway.

With this wild fire phase is also a dynamism & drive that is not present usually for you. You will find a rush of energy, determination & even a surge in ambitions and aggression during this phase. There are good chances of making things happen excellently and at the same time making an error that you could regret for the times to come.

What can be expected now?

All this points to an extremely charged up last leg of Mars Transit.  In the presence of Saturn, Mars’ ability to go unreliable and do mischief rises tremendously. It can be in our best interest to understand how this transit affects us. The high energy Mars in a good house in your horoscope could shoot up your destiny. We have seen these are the times when the world over research & development in technology have brought about great break-throughs & innovations taking the luck many notches higher. While Mars in a difficult position could bring sudden setbacks and hurdles. The learning you could take away for this period would be to avoid taking any sudden decisions or unnecessary aggression, as the setbacks suffered during this period are though avoidable but are totally irreversible.

The Role of Mars Retrogression Report for you:

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Mars Retrogression Report

Mars Retrogression Report

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Mars Retrogression Report with dates

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