Mahadasha / Timeline Reading

Mahadasha / Timeline Reading

What is Mahadasha?
Maha means ‘great’ & Dasha means ‘a given time period’. As per Vedic Astrology, all through, a human life is under the influence of one or the other planet. A particular duration of time, which is under the influence of a particular planet, is called the Mahadasha of that planet. By casting of your Horoscope or Birth Chart, you can get an overall prediction of occurrence of events in your life. It may so happen that there are contrasting results obtained. For example, Sun may indicate obstruction in career, for instance, whereas Jupiter indicates a prosperous condition. Here, by analyzing Mahadasha, we can determine the exact time of occurrence & intensity of both these influences in your life. And hence you can be rest assured that both the events will occur but at different timings.

Vedic Astrology mostly follows Vimshottari Dasha. Under which, the total time span of 120 years (taken as the complete life cycle of a living being) is divided into 9 Mahadashas. Each of which is ruled by a planet and lasts for a fixed duration of time. (Each Mahadasha is further broken down into Sub period called ‘Bhuktis’).And there is a preset ‘sequence’ in which the human life is under different Dashas or different planetary influences. Following is the sequence –

Sun – 6 years; Moon – 10 years; Mars – 7 years; Rahu – 18 years; Jupiter – 16 years; Saturn – 19 years; Mercury – 17 years; Ketu – 7 years; Venus – 20 years

The total time thus adds up to 120 years. The starting period of a Mahadasha will always be the birth of the person and will be based on the planet which is ruling the Nakshatra or the Birth Constellation. For example, if you are borne in ‘Rohini’ Nakshatra, which is ruled by the Moon, then your starting Mahadasha will be Moon. It will be followed with Mars, Rahu, Jupiter and so on.  If you are running a Mahadasha of a benefic planet, then this time period in your life will bring in prosperity and happiness. Whereas, if the planet is malefic or not well placed, it is likely to bring in a difficult period - ill health and wealth conditions in one’s life till the time the Dasha lasts. For instance, if you are running Ketu Dasha, you may face difficulty in career until the end of Dasha.

Hence Mahadasha reading can add value to your life by defining your time line – the sequence of events to be followed in your life. This will empower you to take important decisions in your life based on the Mahadasha or the time which is favourable & likely to bring in positive results and lie low or take some precautions during the malefic planetary influences. Hence, you can expect the following answers in your Mahadasha or Timeline Report –
  • Your current Mahadasha and what does it have in store for you

  • All Mahadashas which you will go thru in your lifespan, starting from your birth and the effects of each of them on your life events and the timings of those events.

  • Dashas for timing of major events in your life including success in education, love & marriages, career, income & wealth creation, health patterns in the years to come.
  • The likely major events of the future years and their timings.

  • Suggestions & remedies.

  • PS: Mahadasha Analysis and Interpretations gives excellent results when performed by a very experienced Vedic Astrologers. It’s a specialized field of Vedic Astrology and is offered by a very few learned Astrologers with optimum accuracy & reliability. We, at take pride in coming out with the most dependable Timeline Reading. Please give 7 to 8 days for preparing your Mahadasha / Time Line Reading.

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