Love / Marriage/Compatibility-Consultation

Love / Marriage/Compatibility-Consultation

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What is Love / Marriage/Compatibility - Consultation?
An exciting love-life and a compatible & harmonious relationship are vital to life’s joy and peace of mind. Any disruption in married life can be very annoying and may take focus away from your work and business matters. Similarly love issues, finding a suitable love partner are some of the matters for which you may want to understand how your stars support you and luck favors you. Vedic Astrology works extremely well for matters related with love compatibility and marriage and one can easily take the remedial route provided by this wonderful science in resolving such matters.

Since these are very personal matters, you can write to us in strict confidence seeking your answers. Infact, such matters are more easily discussed in an impersonal manner thru this consultation than discussing them directly with an Astrologer in person.

How to go about Love / Marriage/Compatibility – Consultation?
You can seek this service for asking your questions related with a bad relationship, love issues or any matter related with compatibility. Our expert Vedic Astrologer will look up your birth chart and provide you with the solutions along with the practical remedies if needed.

Some of the frequently asked questions are as below:

  • When is marriage in my charts?
  • Will we be in a committed relationship?
  • What are the obstacles and remedies for my marriage and why?
  • Will I have a good love life this month?My marriage delay is causing tension and worry. Please give remedies to increase marriage prospects
  • My marriage was almost finalized but he broke up. Do you see if he will come back? Should I move on?
  • I love someone for years. I would like to know that if are we getting married any time soon?
  • We are living separately. Please suggest future of this relationship, if any.
  • Please suggest possibility of my second marriage, when and with whom.
  • When we will have a baby, married for last 5 years now, very stressed due to this.

Why you should go for this service?
For pressing issues related with your love life, relationships and marriage, getting a quick solution is very crucial. This service provides you just that and more in form of remedies if the need be. The years of experience and expertise in Vedic Astrology gives us the acumen to handle such matters with great confidence and our patrons seek our advice repeatedly over different aspects. If you too are looking for a quick resolve to your concern, you can go for this service.

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