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Understanding Karma & Freewill:
Astrologers are often asked an age old question - if everything is predestined, then why we should make efforts. Shouldn't we just sit back and flow with the trends. But that's not entirely true. Since there's one thing called your Karma - the events unfolding due to one's destiny. Then there's something called your 'Freewill'. Freewill refers to the trends & events which you can take in your control by certain Freewill decisions that you take which can help you abide the Karmic trends with grace and at the same time, avert damages that could have been caused while your Karmic trends are prevailing. Hence its important to understand the periods when the Freewill & Karma trends are in operation.

Further the trends in love, marriage & career from our previous life have a Karmic(pre-destined) influence on the trends in this life time as well. Thus any unfulfilled desires in your past can be related with the horoscope in this life and thus can be corrected astrologically. This gives you the best chance to lead a 'Life' you have been yearning for! The Karmic & Freewill events mean changes in life. Which could mean very high levels of opportunities, but there are other events which need to be lived with caution and it is here that an expert & well-crafted reading of your horoscope will help you identify such Karmic or predestined patterns (the inevitable events which have to be sailed thru with caution), so that you avoid making mistakes & pass thru this phase with the least damage. The Life Fortune & Karma Reading will identify the opportunities & leverage them to enhance your career & finances. It will also make you take notice of the challenges thrown upon you in the coming time period, so that you come out unscathed from such Karmic life events.

What you should expect from your Life Fortune & Karma Reading?

  • It will help you understand the operating periods of Karmic & Freewill trends.
  • It would cover the astrological trends giving out the periods when you need to remain passive while the other times when you need to be pro active.
  • The report would also cover advice & remedies on how to cover the period for maximum gains & minimum damage for you in the areas such as your love / married life, career & finances.

The Life Fortune & Karma Reading will provide you with the guidelines to maximize the positives the stars will bring to you and at the same time will help you with remedies to vile away the period of caution with less harm. It will forecast on how life will evolve and the predictions for the next 2-20 years.


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