2020 Career Status

Professional life is a kaleidoscope of trends & periods which keep alternating between stable, defensive, passive, aggressive & breakout moments due to change in the planetary movements. While the events in your work place change more frequently due to transit of planets affecting your 10th house of karmas & actions, the timing to make moves to reach to your professional goals is the difference between an average to an extraordinary success during the year. Your 10th house making a connect with Jupiter and Saturn would be the key to the professional growth this year.

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How Career Status Reading helps?

  • Reading from your horoscope, we analyse if 2020 is the year of playing safe, regain position, growing within your eco-system OR finally BREAK FREE to hit a new orbit and that success?
  • Which parts of the years are most suited for such actions?
  • The level of success you can get this year in real percentage terms.
  • Some high quality suggestions for professional growth & Astrological Vedic remedies

The career status reading would help you get your professional game plan for 2020.

  • USD 39 / Rs.2340
USD 39 / Rs.2340

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