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Two aspects which have come to the forefront in today's scenario are health and profession. While physical and mental health is foremost thing these days, many of us find ourselves pondering over the shape our profession and livelihood would take once the storm of Covid-19 begins to slow down. This is the time to sit back and contemplate on key questions on your strategy ahead.

It is a well know fact that in these times the national destiny is riding over the individuals' fate. Once it starts slowing down it is the individual destiny that takes over from there and you would find many people coming out stronger. And some may even see a turn around if they were languishing before this period. Whether it will be a turn around, or a betterment or even a downfall, all of this is encoded in the individual's horoscope. Vedic astrology is a scientifically driven guidance to understand the following aspects of your Profession now -

  • Whether this period & disruption is minor or would this become a major trigger in my career
  • Whether my strategy should be to target growth or stability during this period.
  • Is a change in industry, employer, profession or geographic location beneficial or no change is the best policy.
  • Is a move from job to business / profession OR business / profession to job a better idea in the upcoming period.
  • How would my career move over the next 2,5,10 & 15 years. When can I expect my highest growth period professionally ?

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Career Reading would help you with:
  • Finding the answers to above questions & take a winning decision
  • Key insights on your  career
  • Create a way-forward with answer to your ONE specific question too.
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