2020-21 - The next 12 months of definitive changes

2020-21 - The next 12 months of definitive changes

Is it the NEW YEAR once again?
The second half of 2020 has begun. It seems to give a foster beginning to 2020 as all of us look for opportunities to rebuild our lives after the first half challenges are behind us. There are many landmark transits that are starting afresh while quite a few other planetary movements that had put us behind are coming to an end. The coming 12 months of 2020-21 are slated to leave you with some major events in life.

How & What will change?
Many difficult transits are ending as well as some positive movements are beginning in the second half of the year. 1st July is a benchmark as Jupiter has moved back into its sign of Sagittarius falling from the sign of Capricorn, spinning the wheel of fortune once again.
  • Jupiter will complete its challenging run in its fallen sign of Sagittarius on 20th November 2020 & return to Capricorn with a whole new agenda of your life and financial position.
  • Saturn will also complete its backward movement and bring clarity & focus back in what you do after 28th September.
  • Mars would shake up the world on issues that would take up the focus between 10th September & 13th November.
  • Rahu (the dragon’s head) & Ketu (the dragon’s tail) will change their sign on 19th September breaking the original cycle that started showing effects in December 2019.

As stated earlier, with both Jupiter & Saturn in their own signs in 2020 would mean there would be changes in the world order that we have witnessed in the first half of 2020. The coming 12 months are replete with transits which would be very important for the progress of all people.

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2020-21 Horoscope Reading would feature:
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2020-21 Horoscope Reading

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