2020 - The Year of Definitive Changes

2020 - The Year of Definitive Changes

Year 2020 is slated to leave you with some major events in life and would get etched in your memory forever. The reason for this definitive statement lies in a slew of very important planetary transits which will be affecting your horoscope and your life! Year 2020 will make into history like the years of 1990, 2008 & 1996. This year is lined up with planetary transit patterns which were last seen during these years. 

How & What will change?

2020 is the year of some very good transits which are rendering the great benefic Jupiter very strong as well the most Karmic planet - Saturn in a position of strength in your horoscope. Jupiter would transit in its own special sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign representing law & order, ethics, straightforwardness, popular ethos, and propagation of values & good virtues. Jupiter by nature is a responsible planet that thrives well in a positive environment & is comfortable to give its blessings to mankind. The story of Jupiter in 2020 is but very different. It will make a move into Capricorn due to its accelerated motion briefly and then fall back into Sagittarius. This would mark a very different pattern of Jupiter results. The presence of Ketu, the dragon's tail is another blemish that it will suffer with in the year 2020.

Like wise, Saturn will make its big move into its own Sign of Capricorn in 2020. With both Jupiter & Saturn in their own signs in 2020 would mean there would be changes in the world order which are very important for the progress of all people. Mars & Venus will be retrograde in 2020 bringing in changes in your life as well.

So the year 2020 is important due to:
  • Jupiter & Saturn in their own sign
  • Ketu transiting with Jupiter almost through the 2020
  • Mars & Venus Retrogression

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