Vedic Good Luck Yantra

Vedic Good Luck Yantra

What is Yantra?

The Vedic Good Luck Yantra is a Vedic inscription that covers crystal & Shree Yantra with a special Vedic energy enhancing carving for good luck & prosperity. The Yantra is 'energized' or 'awakened' by charging it during Full Moon for positive energy. These come in different forms of Pyramid & Globe


A Globe is a small model of whole Earth. When itched on glass or crystal, it gives your energy a boost to work on higher levels. It represents the achievement of your ambitions through academics and business. If you are running a business then it is good to have it on your business table to make you communicate and deal effectively. Professors, teachers, writers and those involved in scholarly studies are highly advised to display it on their tables.

One needs to revolve the globe two to three times a day from left to right. It also needs to be cleaned off the dust and dirt which may reduce its effect. Its effect is doubled when it is charged with rock salt in sunlight and full moonlight and charged with vibrations of Reiki.

Some other products which effects education and growth are:

•    Education Tower with striving horses.
•    Striving Horses.
•    Goats
•    Dragons
•    Fishes
•    Crystal pyramid
•    Crystal Shri yantra


A pyramid is geometrically constructed as an accumulator and an amplifier. The shape of the pyramid is friendly to our geomagnetism with respect to the universe. The temples and Churches and other religious structures generally have pyramid formation. It is observed that when a medicine is kept under a pyramid cup, it gives good effect on our body. Further if one meditates under pyramid shaped roof then he will feel more connected to the higher realm and thus will get soothing and relaxing effect. Even blood pressure can also come under control when one uses pyramid shape roof for his room. Pyramid shape brings a complete balance among health, happiness, soul and mind. That’s why we get a great sense of peace when we enter a religious place.

The pyramid, when it is kept on a table, it gives flow of positive energy and brings harmony in the atmosphere. It can be used for many purposes like in education, service, business, home, shops etc. Its effect is doubled when charged with rock salt in sunlight and full moonlight and is charged with vibrations of Reiki. Available in clear glass itched with sacred symbols, clear quartz, amethyst etc.

The other variations in pyramids are:

  • Pure crystal small pyramids.
  • Timepiece of shri Yantra with pyramids.

Why you should go for Good Luck Vedic Yantra?

Meditation can provide us with the supreme form of oneness with God. It brings the ultimate peace and blessings in our life. Some special tools like Good luck Vedic Yantra are instrumental in helping us achieve the same thru meditation. Even without sitting on meditation, these special yantras are harbinger of positive energy and bestow soothing and relaxing effect and good luck in our lives.

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