Cancer Love and Marriage Horoscope

Cancers are very emotional and sensitive. Why they are like this because Moon rules their sign. Actually, Cancer is the only sign ruled by the Moon. Moon indicates emotions, feelings, mother, fluctuation and the need for comfort in astrology. So, there will be a lot of emotions in Cancer. They look always for a peaceful living.

Cancer like to get the love in emotional, physical, spiritual and mental form. They want all in love and if they don’t get it then that can put them in a crisis.  Cancers are very much family oriented as Moon indicates family and mother as well. There is a motherly figure in every Cancers. If you have to win the heart of a Cancer, then you have to be caring and nurturing. Otherwise, don’t ignite the love in a Cancer.

Cancer wants a deep heart to heart connection if they have to have a good love connection. If you touch the heart of a Cancer, then they will reduce the expectation and be satisfied in you. They may not be good initiators like Aries, they need someone to take initiations. They love their family and that is their first priority. They will understand non-verbal communication, so if you are dating a Cancer, then you have to be careful with your body language.

Cancer is a water sign and a moveable sign, and they are looking for stability. Their partner should be strong, but sweet while handling them. The properties of Cancer will not get along well with any signs of Saturn. Saturn is emotionally closed. It is not easy to break a Saturn dominated person’s heart.  They are very slow too when Cancer is ruled by the fastest planet Moon. So, there can be a constant relationship issue between Capricorn and Aquarius in a relationship.

Knowingly or unknowingly, they keep a lot of expectations from their partner. This can be a major problem with every sign. No one will be able to fulfill all the expectations of their spouse.  Cancer will accumulate all the emotions and one day they will burst out their emotions. That may be quite surprising for their partner. They may take time to settle down in the emotional crises. They want their partner to follow them in all the social media handles and keep liking and sharing it. They want their partner to read their mind even if they are silent. This is where the relationship with Cancer can be a challenge for others. If their spouse is a Mars or Saturn ruled sign, then there will be a lot of crisis. The same crisis will come up if Moon is debilitated if the Lagna and Sun are Cancer.

Cancer is known for its sentimental nature. They have high imaginative power as Moon itself is the planet for emotions. If Moon is conjunct with Jupiter, they can be a spiritual person as well. They are generous and but too sensitive. This sensitive may overpower their generous nature. That can be a big turn off for their spouse. So, you have to handle them carefully.

They are trustworthy if the Moon is not under any negative influence.  If Moon has a negative influence, then they may issue in being trustworthy and trust others as well.  Their partners will have the burden to make them trust and that can be a huge task. They can be suspicious, and the level of suspicion may change according to the degrees of the lagna, sun or Moon.

They can have a nagging nature and that is a big challenge for their partner. It is nothing but they are making sure their spouse is interested in them and the love is not divided. They need to control such traits.

More than Cancer males, females are highly emotional. The reason is that the ruling planet itself is a female planet and there is a lot of feminine energy attached to it. They like a comfortable and easy-going life and they literally hate complicated relationships.

In a positive note, they are very kind hearted and family oriented.   You will never find a more homely and family-oriented person than a strong Cancer. They like to nourish and encourage others. They can be the best homemakers. They will go to any extent to protect their loved ones.

They can’t go through any rejection and that’s the one thing which they fear. If you are in a relationship with a Cancer, then don’t trigger their emotions and leave them. If you can’t stick on to them then say it in a mild way, that too gradually. Don’t be blunt when you deal with your partner.

At times, you may feel your Cancer partner is pessimistic. It is true. The Moon waxes and wanes, so, your partner also can go through such swings. So, when you deal with your Cancer spouse, then you remember all these things.

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