Cancer Love Horoscope

Cancers make for some of the most emotionally-attached partners, peaceful in nature and prone to mood swings. However, with the help of an understanding mate, they can ease up themselves. They often look for a matching emotional wavelength in a partner.

Cancer Love Horoscope


Cancer is synonymous with ‘clingy’. A cancer lives in their cocoon most of the times and will take quite some time to get acquainted to a romantic prospect. They have deep emotional needs and like to speak from a place of emotions. They need someone who can understand and stand by them during their divulging emotions. They are deeply attached to their partner and cling to them no matter what. Its always a relationship where either their partner is clingy, or they are or both. They often find partners who like their company.

Traits of Cancer

  • Cancer Moon sign are tender in disposition and caretakers of the zodiac. They are respectful of their family members and towards elders in general, and have a huge love for children.
  • Cancerians are empathetic, kind and considerate and ethical in disposition. They consider emotional attachment above all else in their partner and look for this as the most important trait.
  • Their strength lies in their vulnerability where they wish to show their heart out to their partner, with complete honesty and then decide if someone is capable of handling their deep emotions or not. This forms their basis for deciding a partner.
  • They have soft hearts and tender, calm minds and like to foster in an environment which supports the same. They are tender in their love and often introverts. They pour immense affection on their partner after taking considerable time in making the choice.
  • They love food and delicacies and will most probably ensure that their family is well nourished and fed. They express their love through sensual ways and cooking for their loved ones is one of those. They love talking and chatting with their partners and to engulf in the warmth of their presence physically and emotionally.

They do have a temper, but it is short-lived and comes only when someone deserves it. They hate any kind of craftiness and treachery and despise a tensed environment and look for recluse as soon as they find themselves in such a situation. People belonging to the Cancer moon sign are fond of change, novelty, and traveling. They are very much attached to their relations and home and inclined to social life.

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Cancer Man in Love

Cancer man in love is very sentimental and fragile. They are homebodies and caring and prefer to marry a homely girl. He is devoted to his values and proud of his roots and they cherish it as indispensable. They are family-oriented, loyal and determined to work out things in a relationship. They keep their relationship cheerful and pleasing in all possible ways.

  • He is of changeable moods, has an uncanny sense of publicity, and confronts a lot of ups and downs in life.
  • He is emotional and has a strong conventional nature. Life without romance is monotonous to him. He is romantic with his partner and leaves no chance to flirt with his beloved.
  • He is loyal, sincere, and affectionate in love matters, but lacks in expressions.
  • If a Cancer is ignored, overlooked, or neglected, he becomes moody and peevish. One would be lucky to have a Cancer partner who will be romantic and creative in matters concerning love and romance.
  • He recaptures the golden moments of the past and keeps his partner cheerful and enthusiastic all the time.

They are emotional in their sexual expression as well where they prove to be soft, tender lovers.


Cancer Woman in Love

Cancer women are the mother-figures of the zodiac and the women that any man wants to take home to meet his mother. They are generally seen single, for a simple reason that she expects to be in a solid commitment and takes her time to access a man if he is the husband type, and someone she can trust.

You cannot expect a Cancer woman to commit to you immediately. Patience is a must with this lady. She is wise and affectionate and doesn’t waste her time in things that are not productive. She likes her own space but ensures that she bestows the love her family needs.

She loves the company of her partner, and her day begins and ends with him. He is always on her mind. His partner is likely to know this, considering she’s an introvert but these qualities shine through enough for him to be fully aware of it all.

  • Cancer woman in love is very sincere, loyal, affectionate, and dutiful to her partner.
  • They are easily adaptable to their partner’s/husband’s family atmosphere.
  • They are quiet, sensitive, secretive, and emotional in love matters.
  • They do not get jealous as patience is their loveliest virtue.
  • Cancer woman likes and appreciates if her partner tries to protect her. She likes to have a strong man by her side who will protect her physically and socially.
  • They hide well on the surface as well as underwater. Water plays an important role in astrology because it represents emotions and feelings. When they want to, they can display their feelings so powerfully that others get mesmerized.
  • But at the same time, they have also mastered the art of hiding their true feelings and emotions with perfection. So, they behave according to the demands of the situation.


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Love Guide for Cancer

In terms of zodiac compatibility, the two most compatible signs for Cancer love life are Scorpio and Pisces.

  • To attract a Cancer woman, compliment her all the time!
  • To attract a Cancer man, ask him what are his hobbies and what he does throughout the day.

Cancer and Cancer Love Compatibility

  • Cancer likes adventures but can also be homebodies. This sign of the zodiac can also be moody and clingy. They understand each other’s sensitivity and fragile nature.
  • These two lovers are compatible from their first date and a love match is made in heaven.
  • Cancer can usually understand the need of their partner to express their sexual & romantic desires.
  • This relationship of two water signs shows a sign of emotional bonding even when they are indulged in physical love-making. Because of this emotional connection, the intimacy they share is incredible.

To Make Their Love Relationship Perfect, Cancer should:

  • Be patient, enduring, and avoid all sensitiveness to make their love life great. They should avoid the inferiority complex and not be over-anxious, lazy, and passive.
  • Indolence and changeability are their weak points, which need to be worked upon. Cancer natives should not be vindictive and should control their passions. They must overcome their timid nature.


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