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Sade Sati results for Sagittarius Moon Sign

Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, which shares a neutral bonding with Saturn. Sade Sati for Sagittarius remains average. Both these planets represent justice and equality but you need remember that Saturn wants you to do things in a disciplined way. While it good to help others, too much involvement could backfire too. You should stay away from litigation and allegations. During Sade Sati Sagittarius, you should not be the one to create a dispute or argument.  Saturn wants you to limit your curiosity to get involved in anything and everything. You would also want to lead in some way or the other, but remember that there is a difference between leading and dominating. Sagittarius fire has to work together with airy Saturn here, just like a hot-air balloon, where fire fills the balloon with hot air that takes it off the ground. You need to maintain a balance, else, air-fire combination can be explosive too. Here is a detailed overview of different phases of Sade Sati for you. You may like to check or confirm your Moon Sign before understanding these results.

First Phase

The first phase of Sade Sati begins when Saturn moves into the 12th house from Sagittarius, meaning Scorpio. This is going to be a tough period as Saturn is inimical towards Moon, the lord of Scorpio. This makes the native aggressive and short-tempered, which can also affect relationships to some extent. You may also observe conflicts at workplace and overall, issues in career during the first phase. Litigation matters could also cause trouble. You would nonetheless feel inclined towards spirituality and may also take up some religious travels that could offer solace.

Second Phase

When Saturn moves in with your natal Moon, the second phase of Shani Sade Sati for Sagittarius begins. You would now develop a penchant for reading and writing, especially spiritual texts and material. You would work harder during this phase and would also do well in education. You would show a lot of concern for morals and righteousness. Your dutiful and honest nature could also land you fame in the field of politics. You may also gain interest in fields like law and justice. Overall, second phase is much positive than the previous one.

Third Phase

This phase is also positive relatively as Saturn now moves into Capricorn, which is its own sign. You would become a lot more helping and justice-loving by this point. You may give free education to people and practice charity too. You would develop a penchant and knowledge of fine arts. Social work would also appeal to your moral self. You would also prioritize your career at this point in life and wouldn’t shy away from learning more or acquiring a new skill. You are quite driven to achieve a better status in life. You might get fame and respect in politics during the third phase Sagittarius.

Sade Sati

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